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Sometimes change is good and sometimes it’s bad.  But, no matter what, change is coming our way this year!  My daughter will be off to college and likely not locally which will bring plenty more change for both of us!  My missing her, the same for her but for her having to rely on herself.  Find her own way.  Find her way to her horse that she will have to board somewhere, find her way to school and even find her way through meals!

But that’s not all… between now and then she’s looking to get a part-time job and I think she’s almost there!

For me, well, I just came from an interview.  I think I have truly been spoiled for ten years!  This was at a clinic with six doctors.  It was interesting because when I asked about vacation I got really odd looks as though this was a foreign word!

Sure things could be different where I am, including the pay and vacation time after almost a decade but I think I need to go somewhere where all of what I do creates the big picture.  Where all of what I do now I can do then and further expand my knowledge base and my abilities.

I think that I need to regain my own focus.  I think my daughter is doing fine on her own now.  We’re just about at the point where we’re ready to put in the application to colleges and she’s gearing herself up to start a part-time job.  She’s focused…

I’m not.

I think that too much is cloudy my mind.  The focus has switched away from what’s important to me to just the hum-drum of life.  Sure, we all need a steady income that’s enough to pay the bills but it’s important to also be happy with what we do.

What makes me happy?  Doing what I do!  Sure the paperwork and phone calls get irritating but it’s not boring.  And what else makes me happy?  Makes me happier?  What I’m doing right at this moment!

Writing!  And so here I am, six days into the New Year and cursing myself because I have lost focus… what do I need to do?  I need to regain my writing goals!  Set those goals and get back to writing!

I have an advanced camp to plan.  I have a novel that needs edits input into Word, I have a novel that needs to be completed.  And I now have an assignment of three articles to write for, hopefully, some decent and steady writing income which will make everything all better!

The last part is still wishful thinking.  Because of my interview I lost vital writing time though so I will leave now with floral arrangements on my mind and how I can create a blog post about them!