Today & Tomorrow!


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Just the quickest, shortest post to remind you all that my Kindle books are free today and tomorrow only!

For those of you in Canada the link is

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Of course my books are available on most of the Amazon sites so look me up and download for free!

It IS Valentine’s Day so don’t forget to send copies to those you love!


It is…


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I’ll give you five guesses.




Of course not! Now I’m blushing!


You failed me!  It is FINISHED!

It came in at at 24, 644 words!  That is more than 4,000 words over my estimate!

And, if you must know, the last 5,000 words were all added TODAY!

So yes, I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  I just wanted everyone to know that it’s done!  It can now be ripped apart by edits but not right now.

Also, don’t forget!  Only THREE SLEEPS until my Amazon Kindle book sale starts and lasts only Wednesday and Thursday!

Happy writing!

Happy Ice Day!


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Well, no, not really!

I already hate, loathe and despise winter.  I’m a pop on flip flops and run out the door kinda gal!  So today, well, is just another day that adds to my serious dislike of this season… freezing rain that is absolutely turning the world here into a skating rink.

I am so glad that I have the day off!

It has allowed me to do some knitting and, most of all, writing!  Yes, I have almost reached the end.  I’m going to jump ahead one year for the last of the story.  It will finish at or below 20,000 words which isn’t going to fit anywhere!

That’s okay, it’s my story and I will still have to edit it.  I might start compiling my short stories into a book.  If I knew anything about how to put together an anthology I could put out a call and put one together from a few of you!

I am incredibly tired though.  The last two nights I haven’t slept great… last night I battled a migraine all night and I went to bed extremely angry last night.  But I did manage to sit with my notebook by the light of my tree (yes, my tree is still up but the decorations have been taken off and replaced with some hearts for Valentine’s Day) which was soothing if nothing else.

But after the day I’d had I really wished I could walk away from just about everything.  I wish I could move to my favourite little town, move forward with my writing and my life coaching and have enough room to hold some small writing retreats or camps or both!

I know it’s good for the soul to dream but I have been dreaming for a very long time.

I do have another story starter I can start working on after this!

Valentine’s Day Sale


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Well my brain got into gear and, since I missed Christmas, I have decided to offer my Kindle books for FREE on February 13th & 14th ONLY.

So if you know someone who loves books, romances, reading then think about getting them a copy for free… a great addition to any gift!

You can go to my Facebook Author page where I have posted the direct links to my books at both and or you can go to your chosen Amazon site and just look me up!

See you there and don’t forget to share with your friends!

Starting to get it…


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My last several posts have mixed my sudden burst of writing with my SAD and feelings of depression and concern over unhappiness in my job.

As usual, I tend to analyze, and sometimes over-analyze these things.

It dawned on my yesterday morning that I have been working for 30 years.  I started working when I was 14 and it wasn’t one part-time job to juggle with school but three.  Yes, you read that right, THREE!

I started working part-time snack bar at Waterloo Bowling Lanes, I started to volunteer at K-W Hospital and I started working part-time at McDonald’s.  Plus I was in confirmation classes, choir and CGIT at church.

Then I thought back to all the factories that used to employ staff in their early twenties with the promise of give us 30 years and we’ll let you retire with a full pension.


Is it possible that they had something?  That they knew that the average working life was 30 years so they decided to make the best of it?

You don’t have companies around for that long anymore and nobody is loyal to anyone the way they used to be.  There was a lot of loyalty that went both ways with those companies.  They appreciated their staff and provided for them and in turn they retained staff and loyalty to the company.

Before yesterday morning I hadn’t thought of it that way.  I wondered if it was just me feeling the way I am for no reason whatsoever but now, it kind of makes sense.

I didn’t really get the chance to experience being a teenager the way most do.  I barely had time for homework which was important to me.

No matter what I do or have done, I have always given my all.  I believe, as an orange tail whooshes in front of my face as I try to drink tea, that we should all give our best in our jobs but, unfortunately at some point, that will catch up in some ways.

I have always done everything that way, even my writing.  Perfecting what I teach.  Precision is important to me, especially in my writing.

Anyway, I haven’t done quite as much writing this week and am only at 11,200 words and Chapter 7 but working away on it slowly.  I know it’s not going to be a novel but it’s obviously past a short story.  Any ideas on what I can call this piece now?  I’m stumped!

So I’m going to go do some of the wonderful things I get to do on a Saturday morning when I’m not at work.  This blog post is one, some exercise is another as well as laundry.  I also want to watch Groundhog Day today… well, for obvious reasons and celebrating that good old Wiarton Willy did not see his shadow!

10,000 Words & Counting!


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So it was supposed to be a short story.  I just crossed 10,000 words and I’m still going.  I don’t think I’m going to make it to a full novel and the verdict has been presented already but I’m playing out the love story the rest of the way.

I really need that right now.

I am really down in the dumps for a number of reasons.  No, I’m depressed. It has turned cold.  We have had snow dumped on us and, though the sun is shining brightly, it’s still icy cold out there and only getting colder which depresses me more.  The forecast is now calling for 15cm more snow starting midday today.

Seasonal Affective Disorder at it’s maximum–I hope!  I feel like it can’t get any worse!

There is little lifting my spirits right now… but writing is as well as human contact and even my little knitting project.

Being at home where it’s cozy warm allows me to forget what’s going on outside which does, eventually, boost the spirits, just a little bit.  Writing a wonderful romance with the backdrop of Christmas is an added bonus because it must have a happy ending!

Change always takes time and it tends to not happen in our time.  It doesn’t happen the way we want it to.  I think that’s one of the most frustrating parts of all of it!

I wish I could find something that earned me my wages and that makes me thrilled to do it.  I don’t care what it is if I’m excited about it!  Being holed up in the same office, looking at the same four walls and doing the exact same thing no matter the person in front of me… that’s not me.  It never has been.  I have always wanted the challenge.  I have always the research and the collaboration.

So at this time I will plod on.  PLOD is a good word for that.  I did get my new business cards last week for my Life Coaching & Essential Oils so that was exciting and I ordered a box of unique items that will be put together for me so it will be a surprise when it reaches me sometime this week.  There might be an extra post if it’s awesome and worth sharing!  I sure hope so!  See… some things DO excite me!


Writing in my Sleep…


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I have had the most intriguing experience today.

As I shared in my last post I got ahold of a story starter based around Miracle on 34th Street (or perhaps I forgot to share that tidbit) and ave been working on it since then in the tidbits of free time I have available.

I am almost at 8,000 words and was working on it last evening. Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot added to it before I collapsed, exhausted, into bed. No, it wasn’t a one-time thing, exhaustion hits every night… it’s from the SAD, mostly.

I woke up this morning with thoughts of where this story is going. Pretty typical. When I got home from work I grabbed my laptop to finish the scene where the judge places a conference call and dismisses the case. I then started to scroll up through 32 pages because I was trying to find the scene I had written about my main character’s son handing over the engagement ring he had bought for his girlfriend but then she left before the proposal could happen.

Ummmm, it’s not there.  It doesn’t exist.  And yet the scene is vivid as ever in my mind.

It’s quite clear that I must have been writing the scene in my dreams last night.

I can’t say I have ever done that.  Eleven novels later and I have never returned to a manuscript and gone searching for a scene that I wrote only to find out that I actually didn’t write it… only thought it; only thought I did!

So I’m still trying to sort that one out and figure out where I’m going to put that scene or if I will put it anywhere.

I have to admit that it’s exciting though because I haven’t had my mind this invested in my writing for a very long time now.

Too bad I can’t record my dreams and transcribe them in the morning.

I did it!


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And it felt INCREDIBLE!

Okay, get your thoughts out of the gutter!

I’m talking about writing… this time!

I’m still feeling about the same as I was with my last post with the exception of writing!

I had, like I often do, printed off the email from Reedsy with the five story starters in it from before Christmas.  Of course the idea of these starters is to write a short story in a week and upload it to them for a chance to win $50.  I’m a little slow!

I thought about it on Wednesday and found the printout.  The five were based on characters from five Christmas movies and the challenge was to write the story from the perspective of another character.  The one I chose was this:

You are a judge presiding over a case regarding a man who claims he is Santa.

In case you need assistance, because you’ve never seen it, this is from Miracle on 34th Street.  I ended up at almost 3700 words.  Unfortunately after Wednesday and Thursday I haven’t returned to it.

I can hear all of you whispering but it’s supposed to be a short story, shouldn’t it be DONE?  Well it should be but I think it’s going to go on longer because, as a romance/women’s fiction author I can’t help but add a side story!  So I am into the side story, really deep.  I have strayed from my judge, Scott, taking home the testimony transcripts and the evidence and doing the thinking he should with a bit of assistance from his grandson to adding in a little bit of romance with his legal assistant.  My judge is also a fair bit younger than the judge in the movie.

I am very excited about the fact that this one single story starter was enough to set me off on this story.  Of course it might never go anywhere but maybe it will… the last time the movie was made was 1994 so anything is possible!  Isn’t Hollywood always looking for a new spin on the old material?

The newest starters are about dreams… not sure I want to delve into that one but there was one that was intriguing if nothing else.

I also got my blog post finished for Enhanced Wellness so I’ll share the link when it’s posted!  There will be teaser blog first and then the series will start to roll out with posts from a number of us.

So go give that story starter a try!  If you haven’t seen the movie you won’t have to story and the ending in mind.  Just write a story about a judge who is presiding over a case where the question is whether the man who thinks he’s Santa is insane or not.  What are your thoughts?

Can’t put my finger on it…


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As has been thoroughly discussed through many blog posts already, a New Year is generally a time for New… where we all make promises to ourselves and embrace the hope that something is going to change and maybe it will change without our having to do a thing.

I embraced hope a long time ago.  I find that Christmas and a New Year only magnifies that but it’s with me all year long or has been the past year as I recovered from surgery a year ago.  I’ve already said that I would love the opportunity to be able to appreciate what is around me instead of staying in bed too long and then racing around, Holy Terror-like, trying to make it out the door on time.  I have NEVER been a late person but I can see how I could easily become one!

I had the luxury of working a day and a half last week and it was amazing.  By Thursday I was getting stuff done incredibly quickly.  I was settling in to that glorious routine.  The routine where I could spend hours working on something or I could spend no time because there would be something else to move on to.

I dreaded going to work on Friday because I was booked right through.  I didn’t even, as usual, get the so-called scheduled lunch… I rarely do.  That would require people leaving early and people arriving on time rather than early to their appointments.  Add in corporate email and it makes for a great day!  I got an email, in the midst of this over-packed day, asking if I can cover Jan 23rd because the person that works Wednesday and Thursday is going on maternity leave starting the 20th.  Ummm… well, not really.  Because a) you will simply add it on to my week instead of trading me a day for it, and b) I’ve been down this road with you before and if I give an inch, you will take a yard!  I say that because the day before I received an email asking me if I would be able to cover any Wednesdays and/or Thursdays until a replacement could be found which opens another can of worms that I am not prepared to open at this time.  A few of you know what’s inside the can other than worms!

I know that we all get set in our ways and have our own traditions (or perhaps we use the term ‘tradition’ to cover up being set in our ways) but I have had Wednesdays off since late 2004 except the days that I covered off vacation once I got to family practice.  I have settled myself, very comfortably, into a 28-30 hour work week and as writer that has been important… I can’t even begin to imagine the number of words that have been written on Wednesdays!  I don’t want to work 40 hours a week if I can help it!  Unless it’s something that I absolutely LOVE which might be something to do with writing!

So as this blog post comes to a close I don’t feel like I have too many words of wisdom today.  I feel like this was just a place to gather some thoughts this time.  I know that I often read posts like these and at least empathize with the author because, usually, at one time or another, there has been an instance where we have all experienced similar feelings if not a similar situation.

I keep coming back to wanting to find balance and I think that’s just what we all want!

P.S. I wrote back and stated that I have other commitments on my days off… I didn’t specify but the wellness studio is one of those commitments from 10-1 on Thursdays. Add in my teaching and I think my week is pretty rounded out and full.


Happy New Year!


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I have read in a number of Facebook posts the last couple of days that today starts a new book, a new story with 365 blank pages.

What we fill those pages with is up to us.  Do we make them good or bad?  Or will they be made good or bad?  Too many times it is said that we make our own stories and determine whether they are good or bad.  But we only have control over ourselves.  We don’t have control over the events of each day.

We don’t know who or what in our days is going to make them good or bad.  How do I know I’m going to see patients who are happy or who are miserable?  How do I know I’m not going to have patients who are going to make me leave late at the end of a day?

It’s not just US that makes our day what it is, it is the external stimuli.  For me it’s having to get out of bed sometimes and just not being ready to do that yet!

So we don’t always get to run our days or our own lives and we always have to figure out what to do next.  Often times we know what we want but we don’t know how to get there and we have to rely on someone else to get us there… like different jobs.

It’s easy to publish a book but then we have to rely on others to find it and then spread the word about it.

So it’s easy to say that we need to forgive and forget and set our differences aside, etc.  I have no issues with that.  I have forgiven and forgotten much in order to not carry that around with me.

I think that such a huge part of me now wants to chance to sit back and appreciate all of the world… what I have, what surrounds me, who surrounds me and I’m not getting that opportunity because I’m not doing what I love to do… but the jury is still out on exactly what it is I want to do all at the same time!

So here I am on that first fresh page and it’s been a good day!  It’s been enjoyable.  I will leave now to go to my aunt’s for a family dinner which I enjoy doing.  I got some work done on a blog post for the wellness studio and a couple of blog posts.

For this first day of a New Year, I’m not complaining!