Not enough time…


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I was asked today how my weekend was.  My reply was “too productive.”

How can something be “too productive?”

Well it goes like this… when I’ve managed to be as productive as I adding 2000 words to a manuscript, write two blog posts, read part of The Writer and still get four loads of laundry done as well as groceries and a side trip to Chapters, it’s a HUGE letdown to have to get up Monday morning and go to work where my focus HAS to shift gears to another topic completely AND for eight hours.  Well, okay, seven if you don’t count lunch which is when I wrote this!

And I know it’s wrong to pop onto Facebook at work and I only pop in for two minutes here and there (mostly because my brain reaches a max point and I need to divert it for a few moments) but Mondays are sharing days on Blogging Boost and The Write Life Community and I always want to share what’s new usually by sharing my recent blog post.

There isn’t enough time; there aren’t enough hours in a day for me to spend writing when I get on a roll.  Of course some days I’m not in the right frame of mind and I hate myself for wasting that time doing mindless crossword puzzles.

I don’t think we writers EVER find a happy medium.

We “work” in a profession where our mind has to be in the right place and I know that sometimes that’s just NOT possible.

Yes, it’s in those times that we try and fail or we work on something that’s more research-based and can collect information vs. trying to delve into our creative brain cells that are just not happenin’ today!

It’s certainly exciting when we can have multiple projects and ideas but it’s frustrating when we have to force the mind to work when all it wants to do is sit back and order another margarita!

So may we all find the time, squeeze the time, to get it all done.

Whatever IT may be!


Thoughts, thoughts & a LOT of questions!


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This weekend my mind has been racing!

I dug into my restored files and found the books I was talking about.  My current computer gave me a raised eyebrow when I asked Word to open it!  I copied and pasted into a single file, stretched it to double spaced so I can edit and it ended up being 312 pages!  I printed it yesterday and only one of the 50 page sets screwed up–I double side to save paper.

So now I have to put holes in 156 sheets of paper and put them into a binder.  I don’t know how this is going to go but it will be interesting.  As I said, there won’t even be smartphones which we have become so accustomed to as well as texting.

And I have so many questions.  Has anyone ever done this before?  Maybe I can hear about your experience.
How is it done?
How many changes do I make?
Do I change names and possibly careers?
And what happens when there has been so much more that has happened since then?  Do I just focus on maintaining the actual story?
The plot itself?
Or do I just edit it like a proofreader and leave the entire story intact?

I haven’t even looked at it yet so some of those questions may get answered just by doing that.

Secondly, I’m working hard at finishing my non-fiction book about hysterectomies.  It’s going to come in at about 20,000 words so I’m not sure if there’s a point in trying to sell it or not… anyone have any thoughts?  I’m trying the KISS principle because it’s meant for every woman undergoing the procedure or talking about it with their doctor.  I didn’t want to fill it with jargon and I certainly didn’t want to go so in-depth that readers are telling their doctor’s to forget it.  It’s meant to be practical, no-nonsense, here-are-the-facts.  Why it’s done, how it’s done and what they can expect from their hospital stay, recovery, emotions and sex.

So another question… how do I build the platform for this?  Do I go to every hysterectomy site I can find and make a comment that I’m writing this?  Do I start a fresh blog and blog about my experience to date and the book and how it’s coming along?

I know!  I have been writing since 2001 and should know some of these answers but I’m suddenly nearing the end of a book that I would honestly love to spend the time finding a publisher for and just as suddenly realizing that I need to create the buzz.

Give me a hand!  Get in touch Obi-Wan!

Blast from the past…


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It seems like I am living in the past today… maybe it’s my way of removing myself from the unpleasantness of what’s going on now.  Go back to a simpler time.  Since my joyous visit to Chapters on Saturday, I feel like a bit of a shadow has covered me.  Not everything has been bad but between being told that I get 12 vacation days instead of 15 and spending hours cleaning my house for a Sweetlegs legging party that the rep forgot about last evening and I ended up trying to cancel everyone, there have been more downs than ups!

Something told me to dig out a pair of books I wrote in, I discovered, 2004 & 2005!  That was SUCH a long time ago!  Shocking really.  It seems like yesterday.  They were actually the third and fourth novels I ever wrote.  I’m not sure exactly why I got the message but for some reason I want to edit them and publish them for you.  It’s a story that I’d like to see out there.  The only thing I might do is publish them together… a two-part single book… unless, of course I could find a publisher for them or the edits aren’t going to allow for that to happen.  It’s going to be odd because there were no smartphones back then… we were barely even texting!

I’m also sitting here watching movies from what feels like a long time ago too.  Both from the late 80s.  I’m sure that many people would suddenly be criticizing them because that’s what people are doing these days.  I felt like removing myself from the now and traveling back to a time when I had less to care about might be helpful!

While I watch I have rewritten a section of my hysterectomy book because I want to get it done and up the word count.  I also went looking for some story starters and wrote the beginnings of some new stories and going to print out almost 300 pages so I can begin the process of editing.

In some ways, I miss the deadlines that are suddenly non-existent.  I’m trying to create my own!  Perhaps create some other contest entries?

I am enjoying the peace and quiet today has brought as well as the productivity.  It’s definitely every author’s dream to have a quiet, productive day.

I think we all need one of these days.

An Incredible Day…


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Do you ever have those moments when you felt like you were in the right place at the right time?

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like a ten or fifteen minute conversation feels like forever and definitely makes your entire day?

That was today for me.

I wanted to go to Chapters yesterday to check in on copies of Writer’s Digest but I then I thought I would wait and go today.  So I did.

I walked into the store just as the guest author, Douglas Gardham, was setting up the table and we had this awesome chat!  It was this amazing author-to-author chat about writing and writer’s block and publishing and why my email is writers_path and that led to my explanation of my writing courses.

The book sounded like something I would enjoy so I bought a copy and got it signed.  I’ll let you know all about it when I get into reading it!  I have to finish reading the book I’ve already started.

This has to be the first time I’ve walked in when there is an author there selling a novel that has interested me.  I have never even taken the opportunity before to go talk to one of them and I see them in there often because I tend to go mostly on Saturdays.

So it made it a really great day!

Another Submission


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This has been a pretty amazing month!  And today I’m feeling good!

At the start of May I had just submitted the guest blog posts that appeared for 4 Tuesdays.  I also had a short story that needed a lot of editing for submission to a Canadian contest and I had just stumbled across the Writers Workshop contest in the issue of Guideposts that had arrived in the mail and had to write that entire story!

Today I sit with all the items on that to-do list, except my book, checked off!  I also sent a message this morning asking about the anthology my story had been accepted for and she’s putting them in the mail this week!

May 2018 seems to be a highlight for my writing and I hope that trend continues because it’s been an incredibly awesome ride!

I feel really upbeat about my writing at the moment despite everything going on around me including a software migration!

I think I’ll keep this post short!  I’m still thinking about whether I want to give myself a 30-day blog challenge or if I should wait to do that in the fall!

A Long-short Week


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What a week it has been… though Monday was a holiday leaving only Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning as work days, it has felt like a very long week.

My bug, whatever it was, went away.  My fevers finally broke then stopped altogether.  My swollen gland finally stopped putting pressure on my throat and ears.  Unfortunately I ended up with migraines every day but Wednesday, my day off.  Until bedtime!

And my last guest blog post was posted yesterday!  This one is near and dear to my heart as most of you know so I hope you find it informative.  I hope everyone found the entire series informative and if you haven’t reached the age for screening yet, I hope you share it with your parents, aunts, uncles and anyone else who has reached the age.  The last post can be found here

I also managed to get my short story contest entry dropped into the mailbox so it should be well on its way by now.  My to-do list is currently shrinking so I might be able to get back to my non-fiction book!  I’d love to get it done because I need to know how long it is before I can start pitching it anywhere!

The weather here has taken a turn for the better and despite the threat of thunderstorms (hence all the migraines) I’m grateful that the temperature is going up, especially after how cold the winter was and how cold it was for me because I was stuck indoors for so long after my surgery.  It has also brought the lilacs into full bloom and, though they don’t last long, I went and cut some.  My entire house is filled with the wonderful smell!

I am also debating on whether I want to take on the challenge, my challenge to myself, of writing a blog post a day for a month.  I’m not sure I could do it in June because of work and the new software migration but maybe for July…

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted!  My next challenge is to try to finish the piece I have been working on for the Guideposts contest.  I just don’t know if I’m up to that right now!  I have a story written but I’m not sure about it.  I’m not sure about it being the right story for this.  Maybe I’m looking at it too critically but I’m just not sure.

Weddings, Beaches, Recovery & Contests


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I am halfway through the last day of a long weekend.  Today is Victoria Day and it has been quite the weekend!

As most of you know, I was sick the majority of last week with a bug that I have no diagnosis for.  It showed up as a fever and swollen glands so large they made my throat hurt.  Over the course of time I’ve had some sinus stuffiness but nothing more has appeared.  For that I’m somewhat grateful but I assume it will always be a mystery!

I wish I could say I was fully recovered but I’m still taking cold medication a few times a day.

It woke me at 6:30 on Saturday morning and I got up to find and take more pills.  After that I tossed and turned for 20 minutes before I decided to turn on the wedding!  I was glad I did.  Despite setting it to record it was something else to watch it live!  I remembered back to 1981 when Charles and Diana got married and all I remember is her dress.  Of course I’ve seen footage since then.  My grandmother made a point of buying me lots of wedding memorabilia from their wedding.  My other grandparents, several years later, actually brought their colour TV to the cottage because they wanted to see Andrew and Sarah on a larger screen and in colour vs the tiny 13″ black and white TV that was provided in the rentals.

Fast forward to 2011 and I believe I only caught Will & Kate’s wedding in repeats because I didn’t have the ability to record it.  This go round I did and I was taking advantage!  I wanted to see the wedding in all it’s glory!  I never actually thought I would see it live as it was happening five time zones away!  Seeing as it will probably be the last for a while, I’m glad I did.

Sunday I went off to the beach.  Despite it being almost 20 degrees at home and the high at the beach being half that, it wasn’t too bad.  I was glad I had my jacket, it kept me warm enough.  I got into town and my favourite little store and I got down to the beach.  There currently is no beach!  The water of Lake Huron is so high that there is a very narrow pathway on which to walk.  It felt great standing on what little sand there was and absorbing some sunshine!  I can’t wait until it gets much warmer!

Today I have done a little of this and a little of that.  There are things I want to do but I woke with a headache which is preventing me from doing a few things.  I want to go to the park and take a walk with my camera but the sunlight is painful.  Same as sitting outside in the sun… I hate headaches!

But one of the things I did get done today was prepared my short story for mailing into a contest.  For me that was definitely a highlight.  I have, once again, felt so overwhelmed and stressed from work that I have been having to force myself to focus on my writing.  Of course all of that has increased my headaches which makes it really difficult to focus on doing anything, including writing.  So knowing that I managed to work on editing that story over the last few weeks boosts my spirits!

I believe that leaves only one more item to write that has a deadline.  I might just have to run with what I’ve already written.  It also means I need to track down a few more projects!  I also need to get back to editing my non-fiction book!

Still lots to do!

Part 3


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Hey everyone!

Well, I’m officially sick… with something.  Don’t ask me what, yet.  I have been running fevers and the gland under my jaw feels about the size of a golf ball.  Nothing else major going on yet other than the fatigue and body aches which, as you know, are sometimes difficult for me to decipher where they originate from!  I am hoping this passes quickly so send some healing vibes my way!

Anyway, just wanting to post the link for Part 3 of my Guest Blog series on the Preventative Care programs.  This time the topic is Colorectal cancer.

Go check it out here


Upsetting & Pointless


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What a crazy, useless weekend that feels like such a waste!

Saturday I spent the day doing laundry, sewing up holes in horse blankets and cleaning up after a couple of young adults who, it seems, showered my kitchen with bacon grease!

Sunday I woke with a headache that I did manage for a short time before it felt like it exploded!  I had done some shopping and it then it hit so hard and so bad I couldn’t keep my eyes open and it took hours for my migraine medication to work and I ended up taking some codeine as well.

I so wanted to spend some time with my short story because the deadline is May 31 and I I just couldn’t get to it.

Tomorrow is the start of another work week and tomorrow morning I have to find my office!

Yeah, that’s right.  The construction was happening this weekend which means that the walls will be up!  In some ways it’s exciting and in other ways it will be so odd… for twelve years I’ve sat on the beaten path and now i will finally have walls and a door!

So, par for the course, my edits, my story, will have to wait, again.

I haven’t had time to even get to my Life Coaching material and I miss it.

It’s just been one of those weekends.  I can only assume that there’s a low pressure system moving in hence all the migraines lately… the weather can stabilize ANYTIME now.

I even picked up the latest copy of Writer’s Digest and never got to read much of it.  I feel like the weekend was such a waste.  And I can’t say tomorrow will be another day.

But I can say that next weekend is a long weekend… maybe, fingers crossed, that it will be THE weekend to spend time with my writing!

Guest Blog…


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I’m keeping it short again… my guest blog post went up yesterday and I wanted to be sure to share it!  I post all these awesome things to my Facebook Author page as well in case you want to follow me there too!

Here’s the link for the new blog post…