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The Trinket Box $3.99 on Kindle
$15.00 print


TB_CoverJoanna is in her 30s and just been dumped (by text!). She takes off for a weekend away and finds, amidst a pile of antiques, a trinket box. A trinket box that will change her life and her beliefs. Inside, she finds a ring and a letter. She begins communicating with the letter’s writer both through her dreams and on paper. She learns that James has been trapped in time and place somewhere between heaven and hell for a hundred years. As they continue to communicate, they learn that no matter where they are, love prevails and it’s up to Joanna to figure out how to get James out!



Changes In Time

For 17-year-old Paige, science has been her life and she’s the brightest student in her entire school.  She’s even invented time travel, well sort of!

But she starts to realize that there’s more to life than just science.  The boy who has been her friend for years has become the man who has stolen her heart and causes it to hammer in her chest.

With her time machine to help them, Dan and Paige get to see things they couldn’t imagine seeing otherwise and they learn about each other, life and love and make some life-altering decisions along the way.

Available softcover 5 x 8–$22.95 Now available on Kindle–$2.99 USD


The Writing on the Wall

Rebecca has just bought the big old house she dreamed of owning as a child and, while redecorating, discovers writing on the wall under wallpaper that’s more than six decades old.  The writing on the wall leads her on a journey to romance, tragedy and a mystery from another time, bringing the past into the present onto her doorstep and to those around her.

The first book in an exciting new series of Mysteries of the Past.

Available softcover 5 x 8–$14.75

Coming Soon…

Confessions in the Mural–the second book in the Mysteries of the Past series finds Rebecca seeing writing in a mural that was designed for the university’s 100th anniversary after she was commissioned to take photos of it.  It brings the past into the present–can they catch the bad guy before he strikes again?


Mystery in the Attic

Lisa’s stress levels are stretched to the max and she’s been forced to take all her vacation time at once to get some much needed rest and relaxation. She decides to book a room at a Bed & Breakfast that’s rumoured to be haunted to add a little mystery to her sudden vacation. Little does she know that not only will her mind be occupied by the mystery of the past but her heart will be occupied by the B&B’s owner, Martin, who unwittingly sweeps her off her feet faster than her car can get her there. Together they unravel a mystery that leads them to newfound friends, a complicated love affair and even more decisions.

                                                Available softcover 5 x 8–$13.99


The Journey Home

Sophie’s in danger and running away from the East Coast, and her past, with no destination in mind.  Her ex-boss is able to help and she gratefully finds refuge with Henry in Southwestern Ontario.  She’s torn by new, intense feelings and whether she should be having these feelings–according to one counsellor she shouldn’t be.  But despite that, she turns to her intuition and a good friend she’s made along the way and starts on a new journey.

                       Available softcover 5 x 8–$13.99


Til We Meet Again

Katie’s just moved to town after inheriting her late grandmother’s house.  She has a new job and a new man in her life.   But soon after she starts dating Dean, she starts having vivid dreams that leave her confused and searching for answers.  As the pieces of the puzzle are discovered they uncover a heart-wrenching, tragic love affair that’s closer to home than she could have imagined.

                  Available both hardcover & softcover–see website


Let The Dream Begin

Lucy is new to the stage but not to music.  She’s also fairly new to love but when she meets the director of a new amateur production, it’s not the only thing she’s new to.  She feels a connection deeper than she can understand.  Follow Lucy as she ventures into unknown territory in more ways than one.
                New 5×8–$19.99 


At Sunset

Angie is a hard-working lawyer with a busy practice.  She doesn’t have time for dating and doesn’t believe in love at first sight or soulmates.  Then David walks into her office and there’s an instant connection that neither can understand.  Angie tries to run away only to be drawn back by a power beyond her control.  When they turn to theri faith for answers, they discover that love can triumph.

                                         Available softcover 5 x 8–$13.99


To Love Again

Michelle Duffy is a single mom hurt by a tough marriage that ended abruptly.  She thinks she can never trust another man, until she meets Greg–who falls in love with her at first sight.  Eventually, Michelle gives into Greg’s pursuits, realizing that his only agenda is to love her and her daughter.  As love finally begins to blossom between the two, Michelle’s past resurfaces, threatening to harm her and, possibly, destroy her newfound faith and love.

                                                                    Available softcover 5 x 8–$13.99

The most improbable tales can be made believable, if your reader, through his sense, feels certain that he stands at the middle of events. ~ Ray Bradbury