I have had this page open to write a new post all week. I’ve been busy not only with life stuff going on but also trying to figure out what to say!

I guess I’ll just spill it then! I had this absolutely awesome Canada Day long weekend, sold three books and was at the trailer until the Monday as I had taken the day off. On Tuesday morning I got up, logged onto work and had an email for a meeting with HR for 9:10. My stomach plummeted to my feet and I just knew it wasn’t for the better! It turns out there were five or six of us who were no longer wanted. They stated ‘economic downturn’ so we’ll leave it at that.

Being me, instead of taking a step back, sitting down and starting to process it, I moved from the now useless work computer to my own and started looking at job postings, applying for EI and applying for anything I thought I was remotely qualified for… the bulk being medical writing jobs that I have heard absolutely nothing about.

In all honestly all I wanted to do was pack up my stuff and go hide at the trailer… which I couldn’t do because I had a chiropractor appointment Friday morning and I DID have other things to take care. Seeing as I was receiving four weeks of salary and part of my benefits (caught them in that lie) I needed to make sure I got into the eye doctor, whom I was to see this year and this month anyway, and move my dentist appointment so that I can get those covered. I had also spent part of a week deaf in my right ear so I had to take care of that too which didn’t happen until the Thursday afternoon. So lots happened that week including my mom inviting me to have supper with them on Wednesday and I got away from home ten minutes later because a job post popped up and I took the time to write the cover letter and apply before I left.

The better news out of all this is that I will actually being going to work for the three doctors who are willing to pay for my experience! Despite my time at the trailer being reduced to weekends after I start, I am quite excited all at the same time!

So I’m hoping to spend as much time as possible up there over these last couple of weeks and be able to jump in there fresh and rested!

I think it might open up some opportunities to write, but we’ll see what happens!

There! I finally managed to spill it! It took me some time to tell anyone outside of my very small bubble but there it is.

Onward and upward!