Sorry about that! Yesterday was a pretty awesome day around here but busy!

Despite knowing the cost for her, I was thrilled when my daughter texted me on Thursday night and asked me if I thought gram and pop would be okay with her bringing their golden retriever up here and staying the night in their trailer as they wouldn’t be able to come up until noon on Friday. I said there’s no way gram would say no since my mom has been wondering when Sam might be able to get up here!

So she managed to arrive by 10:30 and we got her settled in and she joined us at our fire for a short time before I walked back with her and she settled in for the night.

Unfortunately, as seems to be the case these days, the weather forecast changed and it was a rainy and wet night that made for a very damp and much cooler morning than anticipated and we had to wait for the sun to shine and the temperature to go up.

By the time that happened my mom and dad were here and it was fun, fun, fun right up until the fireworks ended at 10:18 and Sam headed for home with much concern from everyone. She did make it safely which is the main thing!

So I hope you all had a wonderful and safe Canada Day and, for those south of the border, I hope you have a great day with your own celebrations on Monday!