Just how and when did that happen?

The last couple of weeks haven’t been the most fun for me. I have accomplished little and I’m feeling the agitation from it.

On one hand one of my neighbours at the trailer found out I’m a writer and is buying a copy of every one of my thirteen books from me! She wants the entire set! YAY! That makes me feel good!

I did print off my manuscript for my latest project and intend on sitting with it shortly however I made a misled decision to do some quiz question writing for nursing courses only to find out that instead of having seven days in which to insert these 8-10 hours they are giving assignments late on Thursday or Friday only to want them by Monday or Tuesday!

Ummm… what’s wrong with that picture?

Yeah, I ultimately have to do this on the weekend! That is totally unacceptable… that’s my recharge and write time! So I am putting a stop to that and returning to my writing on my time. I thought this little gig would look good on the resume but I’m kicking it before getting out of the starting gate.

So I will finish their little, and final (they don’t know that yet) request and I will send a very nice and eloquent letter. The recruiter was absolutely delightful. It was like talking to an old friend (her words but I agree fully) and perhaps our paths will cross again and maybe, just maybe, we will become friends.

If not, it was a learning curve for me! The odd thing is I had this intense feeling to do it! I didn’t understand why at the time. And I still don’t understand that. I probably never will.

But I’m reverting back to writing. I have a little plan in my head that I’m going to give my website a good look and I’m going to look at my blog and my Facebook page and it’s time for an overhaul. It might be time to remove the photography aspect of my Facebook author page… doesn’t mean I can’t make another page for my photography! It’s something that I’m still enjoying but I’m no longer looking at selling it or offering my services for it so it might be time to just put that to rest as far as an online presence goes. I might also open an Instagram professional page so that I can do more with my writing on there.

It’s all in my mind right now but that’s the starting point.

Gotta start somewhere right?

Writing and tweaking my brand are my key areas of focus right now.

Then we’ll go from there!