When I chose the topic of this blog, Writer’s Path, I was teaching Writing courses under the same name… so it was also my business’s nickname. I named my blog the same because writing certainly isn’t a short path. You don’t just sit down, write and BOOM it happens! The Path is long, winding and there are times you are climbing the mountain without gear and other times you’re at the top of the roller coaster with no control of the speed at which you’re going down!

When I’m climbing the mountain I’m struggling with every word, every sentence and every idea. When I’m on the downhill, I have more projects than I know what to do with but it’s not all fun and games because that’s often when I have an overwhelming number of projects but I’m struggling with all of them. How do I start this? What do I want to say? HOW do I want to say it? And the words don’t always flow easily.

The curves can be tight and daunting like due dates can be. Last month I had this awesome chance at writing a story for an anthology that had anything to do with coming out of the storm. Was I given the time I needed to produce this? Was I able to come up with the words? Because this had to be a short story. It couldn’t be reality. So I got word this week that I wasn’t accepted. I will tell you, it was not my best work. In fact, it was far from my best work.

One of the things that most people would tell me should have me down at the bottom of that mountain and saying no more is the continual lack of circulation. My books don’t even have a Sales Rank on Amazon! I love that my readers love my books. I love that my readers finish reading a book and pass it on but after that I never know whether those readers have enjoyed the read or if they burned it!

I have a neighbour who is always interested in what I’m writing and she has read my books and commented and shared on Facebook! Now that is support!

But then there are those less supportive who think it’s totally cool that they know a writer but don’t even ask what I have on the go! Any deadlines? What are you working on? Are you stuck? What about…? There is also telling people that I am part of a fundraising anthology for Ukraine and they automatically ask if I get paid to do this. No, this is called charity! I’m giving of myself to benefit others.

And if you need another example of how communities don’t support their artists… Thursday I wrote to my local regional newspaper basically saying “Hey! Local author here! Have joined forces with fifteen other writers to create a romance anthology where all the proceeds will go to World Vision in support of Ukraine Refugees.” The response (which, it is miraculous that I did get one) was “Thanks. If there’s a story here, a reporter will contact you.” I also (and, of course,) sent a similar email to my newspaper family at Waterloo Region Rural Post and was invited to write my own story about it as an interest story! That’s the difference!

That’s the type of long, winding, hilly path that most writers are on. If we’re not writing, we’re probably thinking about writing. Where can we find ideas? How can we run with the ideas we’ve found. How and where can we find that necessary income stream so we can write all day every day? How can we get known in some way? We all want to change the world one story at a time but it’s getting that story out into the world that is worse than childbirth!

I thank you, if you’ve made it this far, for reading my rant today. No, it’s not all negative but I’m trying to write something for Chicken Soup for the Soul with a deadline of April 15 and I have a newspaper story to write. Which one am I more excited about? The newspaper story! It would be truly awesome to get into Chicken Soup but it would be more awesome to boost the sales of the World Vision Ukraine Fundraiser.

I posted the links for Love Wins in my last post so I won’t repeat it here but if you’re interested just bring up Amazon and type in Love Wins. It’ll come up! In USD it’s $1.99 on pre-order and you will receive the Kindle version on April 21st. On that same day the price will go up to $4.99 but there should be a paperback coming out as well around that date. As of now, it’s only out for a limited time until July 21!