I feel like most of these posts talk about me struggling… it’s an internal struggle and it’s a matter of trying to answer the question WHY?

The last couple of weeks I felt like I was on the upswing! I barely managed to submit a story to an anthology by March 7th and I know it wasn’t my best work. I haven’t heard anything yet so maybe I wasn’t chosen.

In the meantime I’m trying to write the beautiful story of Keewee’s miraculous eye and I can’t find the words I want in order to give people that chill factor.

I also started typing out my new novel pages but that was interrupted by another incredible project! Last Thursday (I think!) a romance author posted in one of my romance writer’s Facebook groups that she’s putting together an anthology of short stories, etc. to raise money for Ukraine. She was looking for contributors. I had to decide what I had to submit and I decided to submit the beginning of Haven of Secrets. (I will post more about this in another post very soon!)

I would love to use the new book but it is, after all, the third in a series so it’s not going to work.

I have had to whittle down my word count from over 12,000 words to approximately 10,000 and I’m close but still need to figure out a few hundred more.

So as I sit tethered to my desk every day watching hours go by there’s that internal struggle. And it’s getting more painful! I am more than grateful to have my job BUT it’s overwhelming at times when I have all these things to do. How do I call myself a writer if I’m never writing? Or I’m intermittently writing.

I know that this job is the first time I’ve worked full-time (40 hours a week) since the late 90’s. You would think that after eighteen months I would have accepted it but because I’m a writer (and in my mind I’m a writer first) I haven’t been able to fully adapt.

And so on goes the struggle.

Writers… writing is always an ongoing struggle. We will never feel the glassy water beneath us. We will always experience some waves and other times they will be those big ones that will completely upset our sail. The idea is to write about it. The idea is to get it out there.