I had a college online Zoom meeting to attend this evening and I took the call in my room at my writing desk. Four years ago I had bought a new laptop and while I left my old on on my writing desk I set up the new one on the dining room table for constant access… especially after I had my surgery as climbing a full flight of stairs was enough to go to the bathroom let alone just to spend time on the computer.

So that’s where it has stayed. But I used to get so much writing accomplished on the old laptop at my writing desk.

So I thought before I go and move it back downstairs that I’d write a post reminiscing about the comfort of sitting here and in comfort I mean how natural it was to sit here and tackle my writing projects. I’m certainly not talking about the chair as it has become extremely uncomfortable since the time I used to spend in it!

With working full-time from home now I can’t imagine my laptop being in my room all the time because there are times I need it readily available, even if it’s to access my benefits provider for one thing or another.

My meeting is over so I’m going to go back downstairs now and see about spending a bit of time writing.

I didn’t think I was going to get a short story submitted to an anthology by the deadline this past Monday but I did manage. It may not have been my best work (which I’m not proud of) but I got it written, I got it edited and I got it submitted. So here’s hoping!

I also managed to get my book published and I am waiting on the proof copy. Once the proof copy is here I will make any changes I need to, republish and I will be opening up the order to anyone interested who lives near me!

I can’t wait to get the copy actually and see it. It’s one of the first I’ve done that doesn’t have black on the cover in some capacity.

So happy writing to you all!