Wow!  It just won’t stop!

It has been snowing since 4 a.m. or 6 a.m.  Pick one… both those times were in the forecast leading into today.

I have been out to shovel five times now just to keep the amount of snow moveable and it’s already hurting my back because the amount that’s falling… I just can’t keep up!  The last two times I’ve shovelled it has been about two inches each time so I’m done!  I will likely get one more opportunity to shovel and then it will be left up to the kids.  We’ve easily had the 20 cm (four inches) forecasted originally so I wonder how much we will actually get!

It has been a busy day on the homefront.  I have done four loads of laundry, went to get a small gift for the birthday party we are going to tonight and am packing up slowly to go out tonight.  I’m getting a ride tonight which I’m grateful for.

I haven’t had much time to spend on writing recently.  I hope this coming week will change that for me since I’m actually working at the new office all week and it will be quiet.

There are many things I likely need to start to seriously consider.  I need to make a list of those things and might even have to do pros and cons… yes, a little bit of a joke there… but not entirely.  Sometimes doing pros and cons helps you identify things that you wouldn’t have thought of.  It digs deeper into the meaning of things.

Life changes and, though hard for many of us, we need to change with it.  Life throws curve balls.  Well, God throws the curve balls.  It’s when we don’t listen to what we’re being told and we don’t want to follow that things end up badly.

And sometimes, we just have to do what we have to do for our own peace of mind, sanity and to move forward.