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I originally planned on writing on New Year’s Day but it ended up being a very busy day.  Now it’s the fifth already!

So what’s new?  Anyone made any resolutions?  I didn’t.  The only time I did that was many years ago now when I needed to lose a significant amount of weight and I did it.  I need to lose a few holiday pounds but that’s minor.

So part of New Year’s Eve was me, in front of the fire, that Christmas Judge story on my lap, pencil in hand and editing.  I had just pulled a beautiful ring out of a Charmed Aroma candle and it was placed on my left ring finger.  The stones in it reflected the flames of the fire as I held pencil in hand.

We had an absolutely beautiful evening and I poured just a bit of wine into a glass to toast the New Year when the ball dropped.  It was the first time in many years that I had someone to kiss at the turn of the New Year.

Then I had to go back to reality on January 2nd with work… but at least it was at the new job which was a relief.  Friday was a s**tshow at the other job and I was so frustrated and angry when I got home I wanted to cry.

I was grateful to be off this weekend and I got a fair bit done at home… including four loads of laundry.  Last evening I had the advantage of doing the rest of that editing and I just finished entering all those edits.

I’m still stumped with what to do with that story because it’s just under 25,000 words so it’s not something I can publish as a book.  The alternative is to compile it with some of my short stories and publish it all together… use the short stories like the big bands use smaller bands to do their pre-shows at concerts.

I started another short story this morning… this time off of a beautiful story starter from my email… You go for a walk in fresh snow. Suddenly you realize you’re not leaving any footprints.

Feel free to give it a try if you wish.  There’s a second one I want to try too!

Exciting to be getting back into writing!  Finally!