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The end of another year is upon us.  And, in most news reports, the end of a decade!

As I look back on my year (too long to look back on a decade) I think of all I have written and all that has happened…

I got a permanent, though sporadic, writing job allowing me to write health articles as well as being a part-time reporter for a small newspaper!  I wrote an entire novel in less time than I ever have, edited it four times and got it published… almost with a publisher.

I think from a writer’s perspective that’s pretty darn good!

As for the rest of my life; my world, my partner of 17 years had a stroke which, based on the circumstances of our relationship, took him away from me.  Of course it was hard to see in those difficult moments that it was truly meant to be and it boosted my faith even that much more because the next thing that was meant to be was waiting for me right on the same block, not even around the corner… completely unexpected but there all the same!

A wonderful and beautiful new relationship started and I look forward to what the New Year will bring us.  I never thought there would be someone new so soon and I never thought there would be someone that I would connect with this way.  I know that there are surprises in life and this was certainly one of them!

I’m so excited to be celebrating the New Year with him!

Then on a professional front I found my way back to family practice part-tine which is taking some pressure off me because I can get out of the travel office a bit and keep my head in the game!

All-in-all, despite the despair and torment that consumed me for part of the summer, I think there’s a great deal of positives to be thankful for and even more to look forward to.

I do hope I can continue with the writing… maybe I could even manage to publish another book and write a couple more short stories.  My heart just hasn’t been in it as much which is understandable based on finishing Haven of Secrets and it being the holidays.  At least part of my has had a holiday!

Haven of Secrets made it up onto Amazon before the end of 2019!  The Canadian site is https://www.amazon.ca/Haven-Secrets-Pamela-Clayfield/dp/0359902499/ref=sr_1_9?keywords=pamela+clayfield&qid=1577821200&sr=8-9

I wish you all the best for the celebration of the start of a New Year at midnight and I hope that pours into the New Year and new decade of 2020!