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Today started around 5:00!  I finally managed to go back to sleep around 7 for another hour and a quarter but about an hour ago the fatigue started to move in along with a headache… another headache!  It doesn’t look like I can blame the weather so perhaps it’s all the fatigue, among other things, catching up!

It’s not as hot today which has made it more tolerable and I have edited 50 pages before I had to quit.  I sat outside to do some of that but the cats drove me nuts.  I haven’t been for a swim yet either but there’s still time left!

I think I have narrowed the list of titles to the following…

Shattered Memories
Bridge of Secrets
Hidden Secrets
Hidden Memories
Secrets of Jealousy
Jealous Secrets
Box of Secrets
Haven of Secrets

I think I might just have to take a step back from the novel, whatever it is, and do something else… you know what I haven’t done since before my surgery?

Gone to Waterloo Park with my camera.  It was September 2017 when I was out there last.  In fact, other than the beach and horses, I’ve hardly had my camera out.  I think it might be time.

So I’m keeping this short.   It will soon be 4:30 so I’m going to figure out what I’m going to eat for a very light supper and I think I’m going to head over there right after and then come back here for a swim!