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When a story is done being told?

I have written a dozen novels.  I have battled through writer’s block and I have set aside a project halfway through because the telling of the stories and the flow of the novel were not to my liking… Til We Meet Again. I, eventually, ended up with one of my most cherished novels even though that was a long time ago.

I have written my first novel in almost three years… yes, Confessions in the Mural was published January 2017… from this one little thread and I have done it in less time than any other.  The story is on the page… it’s told and, as I sit and try to write those words that appear on the back of the book I am finding myself making tiny little notes about what to put into my Round Three edits which is only frustrating me further by doing that.  It’s nothing serious and it’s nothing that I thought of through the first two edits so…

Why NOW?

Will those small, almost insignificant items truly make a difference?  Only to the word count but not likely to the reader.

Why am I struggling with this so much?  Am I that out of practice?  Am I questioning myself because this is it?  I am nearing the end of the twelfth novel that I will publish and it’s been so long?

Sigh… I should be ecstatic! I should have a title rolling off my tongue and I’m struggling with that too!  Do I not want the baby bird to leave the nest yet?  Am I trying to hold on to this, my latest creation?

Here is what I’ve come up with the for the back cover copy.  The one problem is the storyline of the present characters is missing but when I look at the book I’m currently reading… The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton… she does the same thing… there is no hint of the current character’s impending marriage so maybe it’s okay.

You tell me…

At Christmastime, 1947, a group of friends goes out to celebrate… love, marriage, family and the approaching New Year.  Hours later, a shooting has shocked and devastated the small village of West Montrose, shattered belief in Good and destroyed lives all in the name of jealousy.

Seventy years later, Haven Weiler, and young artist and newly minted designer moves into the house with her aunt and uncle who plan to turn it into a B&B as their retirement project giving Haven full reign over the designs.  During clean-up they find hints of dubious past events in an old wooden box with GBH carved into the lid and a secret compartment holding a most unusual item… a shell casing.  Letters, a diary and diamond rings leave a trail to more questions.

Told by multiple voices across time _______________ [Title] is a story of love, jealousy, secrets, murder, loss and redemption.