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What a marathon it has been these last 24 hours!  But it’s finished once again.  I am going to proceed with a bit more caution than I did last time because I had many surprises with this round.  I don’t remember my word count exactly before but it has come in at 54, 312. I’m using this as a lesson!

A first edit is not the final edit!  I think this round has added more guts!

I have played around with a synopsis today because I went in search of Twitter Pitch Days but there’s nothing until September.  It was a good exercise though because it forced me to think about it.

Here’s what I have come up with so far…

Haven and her family have just moved to a small village to turn an old boarding house into the B&B of their dreams with Haven’s help. During clean-up they discover letters, a diary, diamond rings and a shell casing, all of which link to the village’s 1947 murder-suicide.  Haven meets Ethan who steals her heart, something she thought was impossible.  She also discovers something she loves spring-boarding her into a new career, makes new friends and finds the truth, more than 70 years later.

It is, by far, nowhere close to sounding the way I want it but it’s the short-short version.  I can’t believe I can’t even write a synopsis… I think it will have to be longer.  Lastly I also have to come up with a title and you know how I hate that process!

Any suggestions are always welcome!

I think I’m going to go enjoy some sunshine for a short while and see if I can get rid of this headache!