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It’s definitely summer because it’s definitely HOT!  We haven’t had this much heat in a couple of years so we’re not used to it!  No complaints though because I hate the cold!

Today it managed to make it to 32 with a humidex making it feel like 38… sorry, those are in Celsius.

Yesterday I took off to the beach and actually swam in the lake.  It was very refreshing!  It was way better than the pool which was so warm it left you wondering whether you were actually sweating in there or not… back to the beach please!

Today is also Indie Pride Day for those of us who are self-published (independent) authors.  We are posting to Instagram and Twitter with pictures of ourselves with our books.  The hashtags are #IndiePrideDay and #IndieBooksBeSeen

Here’s the picture I took and posted…

IMG_1443 (2)

I also figured, since it’s been LONG overdue and my hair is twice as long as it was the last time I did author photos that I may as well give that a try again.  However, due to the heat, my hair is in a French Braid but I think it worked pretty well actually.  So here are my three favourites to turn into my new author headshot…

At least it works no matter what I decide to do with my hair!

So now it’s time, finally, to sit with my manuscript and see what I can do with it.  I’m trying to get it to 25,000 words and then I think I will be happy even though it’s probably a bit short still.

Lots going on… my dad retired on Thursday which is great for him and about time!  I need to look at a couple of stories because there are a couple of contests that have been brought to my attention thanks to the awesome groups I’m in on Facebook.

And I keep wanting to mention my Facebook page for Indie Authors and bloggers.  It’s a page where you can promo your stuff without all of the limitations.  Look it up… https://www.facebook.com/groups/1668959470098290/  Somehow you have to be accepted… not sure which wrong button I pushed… but feel free to join in!

Off to edit for a while!