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I was asked today how my weekend was.  My reply was “too productive.”

How can something be “too productive?”

Well it goes like this… when I’ve managed to be as productive as I adding 2000 words to a manuscript, write two blog posts, read part of The Writer and still get four loads of laundry done as well as groceries and a side trip to Chapters, it’s a HUGE letdown to have to get up Monday morning and go to work where my focus HAS to shift gears to another topic completely AND for eight hours.  Well, okay, seven if you don’t count lunch which is when I wrote this!

And I know it’s wrong to pop onto Facebook at work and I only pop in for two minutes here and there (mostly because my brain reaches a max point and I need to divert it for a few moments) but Mondays are sharing days on Blogging Boost and The Write Life Community and I always want to share what’s new usually by sharing my recent blog post.

There isn’t enough time; there aren’t enough hours in a day for me to spend writing when I get on a roll.  Of course some days I’m not in the right frame of mind and I hate myself for wasting that time doing mindless crossword puzzles.

I don’t think we writers EVER find a happy medium.

We “work” in a profession where our mind has to be in the right place and I know that sometimes that’s just NOT possible.

Yes, it’s in those times that we try and fail or we work on something that’s more research-based and can collect information vs. trying to delve into our creative brain cells that are just not happenin’ today!

It’s certainly exciting when we can have multiple projects and ideas but it’s frustrating when we have to force the mind to work when all it wants to do is sit back and order another margarita!

So may we all find the time, squeeze the time, to get it all done.

Whatever IT may be!