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This weekend my mind has been racing!

I dug into my restored files and found the books I was talking about.  My current computer gave me a raised eyebrow when I asked Word to open it!  I copied and pasted into a single file, stretched it to double spaced so I can edit and it ended up being 312 pages!  I printed it yesterday and only one of the 50 page sets screwed up–I double side to save paper.

So now I have to put holes in 156 sheets of paper and put them into a binder.  I don’t know how this is going to go but it will be interesting.  As I said, there won’t even be smartphones which we have become so accustomed to as well as texting.

And I have so many questions.  Has anyone ever done this before?  Maybe I can hear about your experience.
How is it done?
How many changes do I make?
Do I change names and possibly careers?
And what happens when there has been so much more that has happened since then?  Do I just focus on maintaining the actual story?
The plot itself?
Or do I just edit it like a proofreader and leave the entire story intact?

I haven’t even looked at it yet so some of those questions may get answered just by doing that.

Secondly, I’m working hard at finishing my non-fiction book about hysterectomies.  It’s going to come in at about 20,000 words so I’m not sure if there’s a point in trying to sell it or not… anyone have any thoughts?  I’m trying the KISS principle because it’s meant for every woman undergoing the procedure or talking about it with their doctor.  I didn’t want to fill it with jargon and I certainly didn’t want to go so in-depth that readers are telling their doctor’s to forget it.  It’s meant to be practical, no-nonsense, here-are-the-facts.  Why it’s done, how it’s done and what they can expect from their hospital stay, recovery, emotions and sex.

So another question… how do I build the platform for this?  Do I go to every hysterectomy site I can find and make a comment that I’m writing this?  Do I start a fresh blog and blog about my experience to date and the book and how it’s coming along?

I know!  I have been writing since 2001 and should know some of these answers but I’m suddenly nearing the end of a book that I would honestly love to spend the time finding a publisher for and just as suddenly realizing that I need to create the buzz.

Give me a hand!  Get in touch Obi-Wan!