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It seems like I am living in the past today… maybe it’s my way of removing myself from the unpleasantness of what’s going on now.  Go back to a simpler time.  Since my joyous visit to Chapters on Saturday, I feel like a bit of a shadow has covered me.  Not everything has been bad but between being told that I get 12 vacation days instead of 15 and spending hours cleaning my house for a Sweetlegs legging party that the rep forgot about last evening and I ended up trying to cancel everyone, there have been more downs than ups!

Something told me to dig out a pair of books I wrote in, I discovered, 2004 & 2005!  That was SUCH a long time ago!  Shocking really.  It seems like yesterday.  They were actually the third and fourth novels I ever wrote.  I’m not sure exactly why I got the message but for some reason I want to edit them and publish them for you.  It’s a story that I’d like to see out there.  The only thing I might do is publish them together… a two-part single book… unless, of course I could find a publisher for them or the edits aren’t going to allow for that to happen.  It’s going to be odd because there were no smartphones back then… we were barely even texting!

I’m also sitting here watching movies from what feels like a long time ago too.  Both from the late 80s.  I’m sure that many people would suddenly be criticizing them because that’s what people are doing these days.  I felt like removing myself from the now and traveling back to a time when I had less to care about might be helpful!

While I watch I have rewritten a section of my hysterectomy book because I want to get it done and up the word count.  I also went looking for some story starters and wrote the beginnings of some new stories and going to print out almost 300 pages so I can begin the process of editing.

In some ways, I miss the deadlines that are suddenly non-existent.  I’m trying to create my own!  Perhaps create some other contest entries?

I am enjoying the peace and quiet today has brought as well as the productivity.  It’s definitely every author’s dream to have a quiet, productive day.

I think we all need one of these days.