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Do you ever have those moments when you felt like you were in the right place at the right time?

Do you ever have those moments when you feel like a ten or fifteen minute conversation feels like forever and definitely makes your entire day?

That was today for me.

I wanted to go to Chapters yesterday to check in on copies of Writer’s Digest but I then I thought I would wait and go today.  So I did.

I walked into the store just as the guest author, Douglas Gardham, was setting up the table and we had this awesome chat!  It was this amazing author-to-author chat about writing and writer’s block and publishing and why my email is writers_path and that led to my explanation of my writing courses.

The book sounded like something I would enjoy so I bought a copy and got it signed.  I’ll let you know all about it when I get into reading it!  I have to finish reading the book I’ve already started.

This has to be the first time I’ve walked in when there is an author there selling a novel that has interested me.  I have never even taken the opportunity before to go talk to one of them and I see them in there often because I tend to go mostly on Saturdays.

So it made it a really great day!