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I am halfway through the last day of a long weekend.  Today is Victoria Day and it has been quite the weekend!

As most of you know, I was sick the majority of last week with a bug that I have no diagnosis for.  It showed up as a fever and swollen glands so large they made my throat hurt.  Over the course of time I’ve had some sinus stuffiness but nothing more has appeared.  For that I’m somewhat grateful but I assume it will always be a mystery!

I wish I could say I was fully recovered but I’m still taking cold medication a few times a day.

It woke me at 6:30 on Saturday morning and I got up to find and take more pills.  After that I tossed and turned for 20 minutes before I decided to turn on the wedding!  I was glad I did.  Despite setting it to record it was something else to watch it live!  I remembered back to 1981 when Charles and Diana got married and all I remember is her dress.  Of course I’ve seen footage since then.  My grandmother made a point of buying me lots of wedding memorabilia from their wedding.  My other grandparents, several years later, actually brought their colour TV to the cottage because they wanted to see Andrew and Sarah on a larger screen and in colour vs the tiny 13″ black and white TV that was provided in the rentals.

Fast forward to 2011 and I believe I only caught Will & Kate’s wedding in repeats because I didn’t have the ability to record it.  This go round I did and I was taking advantage!  I wanted to see the wedding in all it’s glory!  I never actually thought I would see it live as it was happening five time zones away!  Seeing as it will probably be the last for a while, I’m glad I did.

Sunday I went off to the beach.  Despite it being almost 20 degrees at home and the high at the beach being half that, it wasn’t too bad.  I was glad I had my jacket, it kept me warm enough.  I got into town and my favourite little store and I got down to the beach.  There currently is no beach!  The water of Lake Huron is so high that there is a very narrow pathway on which to walk.  It felt great standing on what little sand there was and absorbing some sunshine!  I can’t wait until it gets much warmer!

Today I have done a little of this and a little of that.  There are things I want to do but I woke with a headache which is preventing me from doing a few things.  I want to go to the park and take a walk with my camera but the sunlight is painful.  Same as sitting outside in the sun… I hate headaches!

But one of the things I did get done today was prepared my short story for mailing into a contest.  For me that was definitely a highlight.  I have, once again, felt so overwhelmed and stressed from work that I have been having to force myself to focus on my writing.  Of course all of that has increased my headaches which makes it really difficult to focus on doing anything, including writing.  So knowing that I managed to work on editing that story over the last few weeks boosts my spirits!

I believe that leaves only one more item to write that has a deadline.  I might just have to run with what I’ve already written.  It also means I need to track down a few more projects!  I also need to get back to editing my non-fiction book!

Still lots to do!