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Well as much as I feel like I’m sitting still if I step back I see myself being propelled forward, small bits at a time.  I completed a short story in a week and submitted it to a contest last Friday.  They didn’t want it, since I didn’t win, so I’m going to share it here on my blog.  It’s called The Letter and I’ll put it in a second post because it’s about 1200 words.

Either way, winning or losing, I’m excited.

I also finished writing my three guest blogs and now it’s time to get back to some of my own work again… editing, re-writes, fresh writing, etc.

One thing I keep thinking of lately is how much my life has changed in the last 17 months.  How upside down it has all been and everything I have endured.  It has been insane and I listen to some of my patients and realize that, for the most part, very few of them could have come close to handling everything I have!

I like to think my loved ones’ support plays a huge role as does my writing.  I may have ended up with writer’s block for a good part of that time but I was journalling.

Journalling is more important than many of us realize and whether we one day open our journals again and read them or use them for a storyline or try to grasp the emotion to give to a character it’s important.  It’s like, or can be like, free counselling!

I also like to think that as I move into Section Three of the Life Coaching program that aside from enjoying it immensely it is also teaching me things about myself, my reactions and how I deal with it and I have the perfect opportunity to compare myself with many others who couldn’t deal with it.  I can’t wait to get deeper into the program and start practicing but everything takes time and time is limited.

Other than wishing the weather was warmer I’ll end here and go post that story for you.  I hope you like it.  Remember it only took me a week… I only had a week.