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It was a long weekend and from the perspective of writing it’s just what I needed!

I got an incredible amount of editing done, though not entered, and even though I didn’t get through as many Life Coaching modules as I wanted to I did get caught up on all the “paperwork” for that course so I can get to know where I stand as far as balance in my life as well as my personality typed.  Now I’m ready to jump back into the videos again!

But now I’m sitting at my desk, at work (yes, I’m writing this at work) wishing beyond wishes that I could be back at home surrounded my my writing projects, entering all the edits I made on paper and getting my guest blog posts written.  Ho hum… later.

I have also been experiencing a fair amount of fatigue and surgical-site tenderness again.  All part of the healing process I’m sure but frustrating as I feel like I take five steps forward, four steps back.

I am realizing so much from evaluating my life and I’m finding I’m generally happier even though I’m still in this job.  I’m leaving it at work easier than I was before and I think the return to writing has helped change that.

I’m also finding that my desire to write, to make life changes and to focus on what I enjoy is getting stronger and it’s getting more difficult to try to stamp it down and tell it to go away because it’s one of those gut feelings and you know it’s probably more right and more accurate than what my brain is trying to tell me!

So, everyone, get in front of your computers, or grab a piece of paper and write.  Today is Day 2 of NaNoWriMo Camp and you get to set your own word limit so there’s still time to sign up and start writing that novel you’ve always wanted to write!  You can even set your writing goal at 20,000 words if you want instead of 50,000.

Go for it!

Listen to your gut!