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That’s what I have been doing!  I just added a fifth item to my list but just submitted an item… it’s for an anthology about the inevitability of life, change and renewal.  It was due today and I didn’t think that I was going to manage it.  I had lots to say but I just couldn’t get the words to flow in the order I wanted them to.  Then it hit!  I wrote it Friday evening, spent yesterday doing edits and submitted it late in the day yesterday!

I’m now back to trying to edits on a short story I wrote a year or a year and a half ago for a contest.  It has to be 2500 words or less so I had a fair bit to take out of it.  I finally figured that out this morning… do you remember my telling you at some point that sometimes what your novel needs is to remove the first chapter and start at chapter 2?  THAT is exactly what this needed… the first page was superfluous! I easily managed to slide the information on page one into the remainder of the story and shaved about 400 words off to come in under 2500!  I believe that contest isn’t due until May 31 so I’m going to let that simmer now.

I have also been asked to write a series of blog posts for a lifestyle blog.  At least I have the topics for that.

Lastly there is my novel which will definitely have to be put on the backburner for a bit because my non-fiction book needs to come first with edits and additions.

At this time I feel like work is getting in the way and have been feeling incredibly depressed during the hours I’m at work.  I feel much more energized (though still tire easily) on the weekends when I can work.  I am trying to take away as much from that as possible to carry me forward but it gets hard to do and I feel myself start to slide!

As I work through the Life Coaching Program and spend time writing and creating, it is more than just a feeling that things need to change.  I know they need to and I hope that with everything I’m doing that I’m building momentum and that I can keep that momentum going!