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I soooo wanted to get a post up on Wednesday to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day but I was incredibly overwhelmed.  So a belated Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!

Here, tomorrow, is Family Day.  A stat holiday–one more day I don’t have to spend in the office!  Except that the thorn in my side is actually away this week!  It will be a relief and allow us to get through paperwork that has been piling up.

On the flip side, I had a positive interview experience on Friday!  Unfortunately I couldn’t leave my current position, or at least not yet.  I’m looking at it from the perspective of what’s out there… seems most postings are looking for part-time.  With this I could take one of those and not have to worry about hours!  Even better, I would work partly from home AND she’s interested in my writing and creativity to, I believe, finish off the non-existent website which would be awesome too!  It was very exciting!

I did, however, do some editing!  I sat with the mauve binder I use for my partial projects and finished editing the first 15 pages of the third installment of my Mysteries of the Past series.  I even entered the edits and printed it.  Now I have to keep it going!  Fatigue has been incredibly tough this week for me which isn’t helping.

I also ordered a book that was recommended to me and I’d like to spend more time reading “The Asshole Survival Guide”.  It’s an assessment of what type you may be having issues with and then ways to not let the person get to you.  It’s mostly to protect you emotionally until you can get away.  If you need it, it’s easy to find on Amazon and other bookstores and it’s interesting so far.

I’m about to head off to buy dinner rolls and go for a family dinner… nothing big, just spending time like the weekend was made for!