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My life has been insane for over a year as most of you know.

As I try to move out of the fog of the last year I find myself constantly being pulled back in.  When I want to put the pieces back together there’s someone who keeps taking the pieces away from me.

Post-surgically I’m still experiencing pain, numbness, burning, tingling and swelling at the surgical site and I still find I’m exhausted at the end of a day.  I try to rest but it seems the more I say I’m tired the more everyone expects me to give! It’s definitely a different world!

Work is killing me and I’m not just talking fatigue.  I’m talking about if-I-don’t-get-out-of-that-place-soon-I-might-jump-off-a-bridge syndrome.  But I’m not even getting any interviews which is REALLY frustrating!  Am I doing something wrong?

Then there is my writing.  I want to but don’t seem to be able to.  I’m thinking I’m going to HAVE to make another to-do list of some kind and start pushing my brain into it… I keep thinking I should start by editing some of my past work but the fatigue has been so bad I have difficulties focusing, even in the middle of a Saturday.  Perhaps first thing in the morning?  I don’t usually feel too bad at that time.

Other than that I haven’t figured anything else out, yet.  I’m too tired now!