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We are three weeks into 2018 and the entire year has been a big ball of stressful challenges!  I wanted to avoid that.  I wanted the slate to be wiped clean! But I did have to go back to work and that’s where the bulk of my stress is coming from!

On the other hand I have managed to write an article on how to be in control of your health.  It just flowed out which, as you can imagine, was awesome!  The trouble seems to be trying to place what I write.

I am also looking for a new job.  I had an interview last Monday evening and then had to go for a shadow session to see what it is they do.  I thought I’d have to weigh pros and cons because they weren’t going to be able to give me enough hours but they never called me.  I have been trying to put a price tag on my sanity…

What would you do?

I also had my post-op follow-up appointment with the surgeon.  Everything is healing really well.  I had to do some blood work… it turns out that I ended up going through menopause in eight weeks or less… no wonder I have been having issues!  There were no malignant cells on the pathology report!

I think my biggest challenge is that I still tire so quickly but it’s difficult to discern how much of that is from the work stress and how much is coming from being nine weeks post-op and my schedule getting busier as I also started to teach again last Wednesday and will be teaching two classes this semester.

I feel like I have been wracking my brain for something to write; anything to write.  I seem to draw a blank every time I think about it so I’m trying to focus on other things.  I went to Chapters to get some writing magazines and there were none there!  I don’t know if they’re not going to carry them anymore or if it was the changeover and the new ones were about to be shelved.  I might have to subscribe again.

So if anyone knows someone who might be hiring and looking to take a chance on someone who can write just about anything she puts her mind to, let me know!