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I know, many of you think it’s too early for Christmas music and I usually try to keep it off until after Remembrance Day but this year everything is different!

I am six sleeps away from my surgery and I feel like I have a million things to do.  I also have a kitten who is ruining Christmas for me (and if anyone would like him he’s yours!) because he broke my tree!  I put it up last week to see what he would do with an empty tree before I put decorations on it.  It was up Friday, Saturday and Sunday before I came home for lunch Monday to find out that he had obviously attempted to lay on the bottom branches and broke them.  I cried. I cried my heart out!

It has been a tough week trying to figure out what to do.  I know that Christmas isn’t in the tree and decorations or the gifts under the tree but in the Nativity that I set up on Wednesday.  I have also never gone a single Christmas without a tree up.  After losing grandma this year, it will be incredibly difficult to not have my tree.  With surgery this year it will be very difficult too because I was looking forward to coming home from the hospital next week and having it there.  But I don’t know what my options are… I said I could put it in my room!  It’s a thought since I will be spending a fair bit of time there for a week or two!

Anyway, my bag is getting full.  I bought a new pair of slippers as well as a Christmas pillow to help support my incision while doing those wonderful deep breathing & coughing exercises at the hospital as well as sitting up, rolling over, probably getting into and out of the car.  And then it will make a great decoration.  It says “Dear Santa, I am good at being naughty… I think that should count”  I’m thinking the hospital staff will love it!

Aside from that, I’m not spending as much time on NaNo as I’d hoped.  Though I’m grateful for everything my mom has done for me to help me “nest” my time has been severely compromised the last several weeks too.  That is not helping my “blues” and then last evening it snowed so my emotions are all over the place.

So I have put a mix of Wild Orange, Ginger and Cinnamon into the diffuser which, combined, smells like Apple Cider and I’m listening to my Canadian Tenors Christmas CD (I know, who listens to CDs anymore? I do!).  Tonight is the symphony which should be very good because it was a year and a half ago when the Dancin’ Through the Decades was done.

Anyway, this will likely be the last post before my surgery since I’m managing bi-weekly posts, at best, these days.  I will try to get on next weekend, whenever I get home, and see if I can post an update.  It may be incredibly short!

So until then and wish me luck!