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Work is done for the week and I’m finally free for a long weekend… yet I keep asking myself what it is I have to be thankful for.  I remind myself of family, friends, and my job (though challenging).  But I find it incredibly difficult to appreciate those things when there is so much turmoil in my head.

It’s now five days to my follow-up appointment with the specialist.  Five more days until I have more answers.  What will I face going forward?  That has to be the only question I can’t answer.

So what will I do for this long weekend?

Enjoy the time both with family and away.

And, hopefully, continue writing; continue adding on to the 5500 I have managed to write, most of which was written on Wednesday.

I would also love the opportunity to be able to sit and read some of the writing magazines I bought, what? Two weeks ago?  I’ve opened one of them.

Okay, so as I wrote this, I was watching the end of a Netflix movie and it just ended.  The credits are still rolling and, oh my!  HUGE disappointment in the ending!  It didn’t settle anything!  So the entire story was basically pointless!  No happy ending, just stupid and disappointing!

How can an author have an ending like that… yes, it was based on a book!  As a romance author it’s even more disappointing!  There was no closure. Boy meets girl, things go along slowly, there’s the average amount of conflict and then there is the point where they end having to part ways for some reason but then that’s it!  There’s no happily ever after.  There’s no knocking on the door with a ring or proposal.

Just a whole list of questions by me, the author!

Maybe I’ll just have to write my own happily ever after ending!