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and I’m having difficulties writing.  The Sunday after my last procedure was much like this… I just wanted to do nothing!

For me, that’s difficult because when I want to write I can’t find the time.  When I have the time, my brain seems to need the break.

How do I find medium ground?  How do I write when my brain tells me it doesn’t want to?

And it’s not that I don’t have a good idea to write about… I’ve started to write it.  But I get a few sentences down here and a few down there and I just feel like everything has been a string of interruptions again.

My mind, at the moment, is not a help to me!  I do way too much thinking and there’s been a lot going on.  Between my pathology reports and waiting, desperately, for my specialist appointment on October 11, my daughter deciding to not go to school but accepting full-time at work, my own work issues and a multitude of other things that are a basket full of good and bad mixed I’m on overload… definitely!

At some point it would be interesting to write a memoir on all of this but I’m not sure I’d ever get to writing it!

I went to Chapters on Saturday and found 3 new writing magazines as well as a number of journals they have on the topic of writing… one is titled 500 Writing Prompts, there was another there with 300 and then there was one titled Complete The Story which was also awesome.  There was also a journal titled Why I Love You.  All of these are really cool because the first two have the writing prompts or story starters.  The latter asks questions about your relationship, if you’re in one.  On Saturday I bought the magazines and the 500 Writing Prompts.  Today I went back and bought the other two because I am a sucker for these things!

So I have managed to write at least something today!  I can say that I have succeeded!  The day is not over, however, and I’m tired already!