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I think I have met my quota on emotions…

Downright P.O.’d…

and that’s just a single day!

Yes, I have been the first five this weekend, and maybe a bit angry, probably just mad vs. angry… but nothing like last week at work.

I don’t know what’s worse… working for someone who uses the wrong words or someone who doesn’t listen to his employees and I mean ask our opinion but not listen to our answers or shoots down what we have to say!

Then I spend a weekend where I am stuck catering to everyone else… and my writing time is what suffers… all the time.  This afternoon and last evening I was agitated again.  I find that I’ve been experiencing that more lately which is a good sign since it had been a while since I’ve experienced that.

Once again I wish I was writing more . The second week of my vacation I wrote almost 15,000 words.  This week I couldn’t even make it to 18,000 words… I couldn’t even add 3,000 more.

I went to Chapters today and got a copy of The Writer and Writer’s Digest.  The single article I managed to read in The Writer was titled “Defining a Writer or, You Know You’re not a Writer When…”  Joni B. Cole talks about people who say they’re not a real writer for this reason or that but more importantly knowing you’re not a Real Writer when… you don’t want to be a writer.  She means getting busy… days, weeks, etc. when you’re not writing and, essentially, you don’t miss it.  That pretty much explains my agitation but does little to buy me more time to write!

As I was writing a journal entry about my agitation a title on the front of Writer’s Digest caught my attention.  “Is Your Day Job Sapping Your Creative Energy?” Well doesn’t that TOTALLY cover everything off…? don’t ask, I had to go so I had to stop writing and didn’t have time to read it.  That is my intention though… maybe that will make a good follow-up post!

So here I am at 8:30 on a Sunday night having no desire to go to work tomorrow and all the desire in the world to spend the day writing!