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This past week was really tough and really got me down.  In a nutshell, work is not going great.  The “new guy” is taking on all kinds of new patients which is upsetting our days.  I have a to-do list that will never end!  I feel like I’m babysitting, constantly!  If it’s not one thing, it’s another… I wish I’d never given him my intercom extension number!

So it’s been another roller coaster ride.  A patient being extremely grateful brought flowers for each of us on Thursday which was a wonderful and uplifting surprise!


Aren’t they beautiful?  One of the other Stargazers is opening right now.  I love those lilies… they are my favourite flower.

Otherwise, I haven’t managed to get up to much… well, maybe I have!  I have yet to open my binder of past goodies but all in good time.  I have continued to journal but I was also made aware of an online magazine that publishes personal essays on medical issues.  I have visited their site and I have printed the submission guidelines.  I have also written a piece on my journey so far and perhaps they will actually buy it.  We shall see.

In regards to my cervical cancer, I feel like I’m in suspended animation.  I shouldn’t count down too soon because that means the summer is pretty much over and that’s my favourite season! But on the other hand, I really want to know!  I poked around online for ribbons, etc. that support cervical cancer and there’s very few!  If I want to pay a fortune I can go on Amazon but it was rather quite depressing.  So… I decided that I’d make my own! I bought some white beads and teal (well, I think they ended up closer to green but didn’t look that way at the store) and made a bracelet.  The only thing missing is a ribbon but when I wear these bracelets all day I don’t like things that dangle!

Bracelet_CC It looks nearly teal!  Perhaps it is teal-enough!

I have also felt like a human slave this week which has been getting in the way of my doing things as well.  School is going well.  MOA2 could have been laid out a bit more clearly for me but Transcription is going very well.  Hopefully everyone settles into transcribing.  It is not an easy feat that’s for sure… and mostly it’s just getting used to it!

So that’s where I am at these days.  I had another look through my Writer’s Digest because it was the 101 Best Web Sites for Writers edition and had a look at some of the websites I had marked.  There is a DIY MFA website which I have subscribed to.  Of course you don’t actually get your MFA but it runs along the same principles, mainly writing, reading and community that gets those people on their writing road.  The website, if you’re interested is diymfa.com

Another is Beyond your Blog which I’m also now subscribed to.  I look forward to getting further into this site as well and seeing if I can pitch my blogs elsewhere!  The website is beyondyourblog.com

There are a couple of others that I will take a look at and let you know in my next blog.  Hopefully those running the above two won’t be too upset that I shared!  If I’m promoting their sites I would hope not!

Time to go off and write!