Well, it’s official!  I saw the specialist on Thursday morning.  I knew that I would be having another procedure and I assumed, correctly, what it would be.

He did confirm that it is actually malignant (cancerous).  Luckily, it’s “in situ” which means it’s still in its own little bubble.

On March 22 I will be having a procedure to remove the entire section.  As long as the margins are clear it will mean we got it all and then I move on to monitoring.

It has been a hard journey.  I think there were a few people who were trying to protect me by not telling me… working in a doctor’s office I had the pathology report sent to the office so I could see it at two weeks rather than wait six.  And, in turn, I think I was deluding myself because I wasn’t getting the whole story… of course I was also trying to protect my loved ones so they weren’t freaking out.

So I’m glad, in some ways, that it’s out there now.  This is what I have…

My newsletter arrived from C. Hope Clark yesterday and she’s having a tough time with things and I feel the same way!  I haven’t been able to write anything outside of my blog.  She recommends spending part of the day burying yourself in a good book or writing a new one!  Alternatively write about something positive and if you can’t do that then read some positive stuff like Chicken Soup for the Soul.  It’s unfortunate that the only Chicken Soup book I have is for the Nurse’s soul.  Right now, I’m the patient… that sounds sooooo weird!

There are a few things I’d like to write but more about the state of our health care and how MY situation should have been completely diverted!

Maybe I’ll start there first!