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For more than ten years, as many of you know, I have been a nurse in family practice.  For all that time I have continually told patients who call in that Pathology Reports take two weeks.  A bit more because of courier time.  Now I’m in that position of being the one who has to wait and it’s not nice!  Don’t misunderstand, I have always understood the patient desire to get the results (mind you the majority of those results should be coming from the specialists not us, but that is the world of family practice!) but now I understand even more.

What does it show?  What does it mean?  Is there going to be another procedure or surgery involved?

I became a nurse to look after other people and family practice is all about prevention.  Not this!  I try to keep reminding myself that there are preventative care plans in place to catch things early on but there is still time in between.  I’ve come to realize that sometimes we send people for additional testing because of the results of the initial screening and the majority of that comes back negative.  But now I am the patient and I question everything because my “belief” system has been shaken up.

Anyway, this blog is supposed to be about writing, although what happens to me along my Writing Path has a profound impact on my writing!

I finished my book last night.  The idea I started to share on Tuesday is still with me but the book ended a bit disappointing… never found out what really happened with the twin!  It definitely had some twists to it but I expected to meet the other twin as well.  Oh well, that doesn’t really impact the thoughts I was having for a new book anyway.  It’s still all forming in my mind and too early to try and start it.  It has to rumble around in there for a while before it’s ready.  I guess I better find a notebook though…