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It has been another two weeks since I’ve written.  I’ve fallen off the schedule.  The new job has thrown me off kilter!

For the last two weeks, at least, I have been struggling through the school’s delivery program as everything is electronic.  First I had the wrong shell.  I only got the new shell on Wednesday evening.  I have also ended up having two 12-hour days this week as I was attending professional development workshops.  I was supposed to attend a third this afternoon but my back is soooooo sore (most of you know the history there so I won’t go into it) I just can’t fathom sitting there another three hours when all that will do is make it that much worse.  The staff is great and don’t care if I stand but that wasn’t working so well on Tuesday and Thursday… obviously!

To add insult to injury, I ended up catching a cold!  The last few days I have had a stuffy and runny nose.  I woke this morning to that feeling of ‘my head is going to explode’!!  So, I am officially sick.  Another, and probably better, reason to not go this afternoon.  That’s okay, I have a year to get four of them in.  I think I can manage two in the next eleven months.

As for my writing, well, you know that I published Confessions on New Year’s Day.  That’s the last I have done.  I do want to get it up on Amazon but that will take a bit more time.

I had one of my past campers send me a manuscript to read through.  I did manage to get through about 10 pages of the 79 she sent!!  It’s a long story.  Her concern is there is no plot.

As we know, every story has a plot or it couldn’t be told.  It doesn’t necessarily  mean the plot is thick and multi-faceted though.  It could be very thin with very little happening outside the plot.  We all have those in our closet.  Most likely, my first few books are written that way.  There’s not much to put into love stories though I have tried my best to put some small occurrence in that leaves everyone shocked.

A plot can’t work without characters but characters can’t work without a plot.  Another great way to look at it is to look at your own life and all the bumps along the way.  What is the plot of your life?  We never know the ending.  Do we want to know the ending?  And don’t forget that among the main plot line are all kinds of little subplots.  Maybe it’s  drama from parents or siblings and maybe it’s drama at work.  All those little things have a profound effect on the main plot of our lives.  Eventually they will all get wrapped up in a neat little bow.  It will just take time.

So I will finish off what I need to do for my classes and spend a bit of time checking out this plotless story and see what I can come up with… I bet it does have a plot!