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I thought of writing on Christmas but, as per usual, it ended up a pretty screwed up day.

With the close of a year, it’s sometimes a good idea to reflect on the last year.  What have we accomplished?  What passed and what failed?

For me I worked on Confessions in the Mural and I have successfully finished it!  All I have left to do now is go through the publishing process.  I hope to do more of that tomorrow and then get it done on Sunday… a brand new novel for a brand new year.

I think what sticks out in my mind was my attempt to write daily blogs for 30 days that extended to 60 days.  That was quite an accomplishment for me… just the undertaking itself.

Closer to the end of the year I accepted a part-time teaching position with Conestoga College.  Of course I also signed up as a Wellness Advocate for doTerra Essential Oils and though I might mention a few things here or there I won’t inundate this blog with that.  I have created another blog for that journey.

Of course there was the down side… our horse being so sick we almost lost her twice in four days.

The New Year will bring challenges as well as I received some unsettling news after being to the doctor.  Time will tell.  My emotions are up and down with that.

So, to each of you, I wish you a very Happy New Year!  All the best in 2017!

I will post the publishing information as soon as I successfully get the book published!