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I am once again having difficulties finding time to do anything!

It is that time of year and I find myself trying desperately to get ready for Christmas ahead of the rush.  Buying gifts, sorting things out, writing Christmas cards and wrapping… I hate wrapping!

Plus, the last few days I have been in an incredible amount of pain.  Again.

It is on those days that I can only wonder so many things… One of the questions that tends to repeat itself is whether someone would want to look after me if I have difficulties looking after myself when my spine reaches the point where it doesn’t want to function anymore.

Anyway, the horse is doing well… knock on wood, three times.  They had another good lesson on Friday night though she was a bit sluggish yesterday… I can see that though.

Life is very slowly starting to return to “normal”.  I quote that because there is very little that most people would consider normal in our house!

But I am making plans for Christmas.  I am slowly getting shopping done.  I finally got Christmas paper to print my letters on so that is done which means I can fold them up, put them into the cards and lick the icky-tasting glue and seal them up.  Last step will be postage!

As for the essential oils, I’m still working on that.  I did go, on Wednesday evening, to learn more.  My friend and I wound up catching up as well as talking oils.  I’m seriously considering joining up to eventually sell them but, to start off, just buy some of the oils, work with them, use them and learn about them.  I can’t invest a lot of time because I can’t take more time away from my writing.

I have two brand new writing magazines that I have barely opened!  I want to take time to read those.  I also want to take time and go see the Wonders of Winter lights in Waterloo Park.  I also want to get back to editing.

I also want to go watch the new Christmas movie that’s on W channel right now.  I’ll give it a thumbs-up or -down!