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And I don’t know what to write.  It has felt like forever since I sat in front of the computer to do any writing.

The last week has been hell for my daughter and I.  A little longer for me if you include my boss having a temper tantrum last Thursday.  Anyway, my daughter’s horse was rushed off to OVC last Saturday night with diarrhea.  I didn’t even know a horse could get that.
Anyway, her Lactate was up at 13 and we were told the prognosis at that level is never good.  She was severely dehydrated so they were dumping bag upon bag of fluids into her.
She was in better spirits when we finally left at 11:10 p.m.
They gave her a full hay diet the next day and she ended up colicking on them on Monday night.  At 1:30 Tuesday morning they thought they were going to have to call us to come over.  Things weren’t looking good and she was in a lot of pain.  Her colon had thickened and that is never good either.
They were calling it colitis which is usually fatal in horses because there is no treatment.
We went over and were allowed in (they have horrible isolation rules) to see her.  We cried all over her and told her that she had to fight.  They gave her Morphine at 4:00 just before we left and were told that there was one more therapy they could try to ease her through the colic.
Wednesday morning we went over expecting the worst and she was up!  They were giving her mash and she was eating.  We were still allowed in to see her and she was giving us kisses again.  We were relieved but I was hesitant to accept it.  They didn’t have to use the therapy they had talked about.  The Morphine was all it took!  We were relieved and so was the bank account.
Thankfully, she pulled through and we took her home yesterday.  She started to stress on us yesterday but then calmed down once the lights in the barn were turned off.  She would have been under lights for a week.
Anyway, it still brings tears when I think of it all.  Or maybe it’s because I feel like I’m going to break.  I’m on severe overload and can’t destress.
So that is where I have been hiding.  I haven’t written anything.  As you know this is my first blog post in a while.  I haven’t even answered emails.  I just don’t have the time, or even the patience, right now.  I’m out of focus.  I’m not sleeping great, I’m ignoring my pain but it’s definitely there by the bucketload.
I hope that soon our horse will be settled back in and we can sigh with relief, at least a little bit.  I don’t know how long it takes before you finally stop feeling anxious about whether there’s going to be a call in the middle of the night.
I’m re-stressing myself so it’s time to go.  Until next time.