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Did you miss me?

By the number of likes recently, that’s a big NOPE!

Last night was my daughter’s high school graduation.  Commencement.  Meaning to start anew.  Start fresh.

What I never understood is why they wait until now to do it when you’ve already started anew.  If you choose post-secondary education then you have already started, unless you are taking a year off to save some money.

Anyway, she also got all her name change documents late last week so after graduation I had a surprise party for her to celebrate her name change.  I think she was quite happy, even though she was incredibly grumpy this morning.

Being up until midnight last night then having to get up for work will do that to a person!  That’s two people because I’m probably feeling it more than she is and… tonight is the symphony (because we couldn’t go last night) so I can’t go to bed early.  BUT… clocks roll back tonight so I hope to max out on that!

Have you noticed?  There are Christmas movies on already!  I was shocked when I saw the first one on Wednesday… but then there have been so many made that somebody somewhere probably figures they need to do something in order to get them all in over the course of the next seven weeks.

Some are good, others, not so much, but either way, it’s Christmas.  It’s that feel-good-mushy stuff that leaves just a little bit of joy in your heart even if you’re going through a lot in life… no matter what you’re going through.

It gives you hope that there are still decent people out there who are not going to take advantage of you.  Who are not going to take advantage of the good person you are.  They will appreciate you for who you are and what you do.  For your good side and your bad side.  For a sense of humour, sarcasm, laughter and tears.

I think I’m going to go finish watching that movie!