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I’m not going to name names but I just started reading one of my favourite author’s brand new books, released earlier in October and it is riddled with sentences that have “we I” and such in it.  I’m around page 200 and I’ve counted more than half a dozen.

So here’s a guy who’s had movies made of his books, has been on the bestseller list how many times and could retire tomorrow and has a publisher and an editor and nobody is picking up on these mistakes?

It’s infuriating for me because I meticulously edit my work.  And I know there’s probably errors in my own work because I get caught up sometimes and forget why I’m reading it but if I had a publisher and my book went to press with errors in it, we’d be having a little chat!

Anyway, I did manage to make my 1,667 words last night but it’s not going to happen tonight.  I had the unfortunate event of waking at 3:45 this morning and have been awake ever since.  I have run out of steam and it’s time to grab a quick snack, take my meds and crawl into bed.  So tomorrow will have to be a more successful day on the word count front.

Goodnight all!