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On Wednesday night I finished writing Confessions in the Mural, yes, I typed the last of that in on Thursday morning.  But now, I feel a little lost.  I didn’t work on it yesterday and had no time today.

It actually felt really good to feel the way I did when I was getting writing done every day.

I realize that I need a bit of a break before NaNo starts on Tuesday and, if you’re going to participate, taking a similar break isn’t a bad thing.

Had I not got Confessions done this week would I have pushed through?

No doubt about it!  I know I might have lost some quality but getting it done and feeling good about it for the first time since I started writing it way-back-I-don’t-remember-when was really important to me.

Now I can work on a sequel to Mystery in the Attic.  Or another paranormal novel set in my favourite town of Goderich.  I’m sure I could think of something but I also can’t help but wonder about there being a sequel in there.

Unlike Confessions, which started on the heels of The Writing on the Wall, I want to start this sequel now, six years later therefore have a 6-year-old in the story rather than an infant.  It’ll be a bit more fun.

If I can’t figure something out there then I will have to see about a different story.  I want to revisit the paranormal and I really do want to tell another story in my favourite little magical town.  If something occurs to me between now and then I will keep you posted!

If you do plan on doing NaNo… take your time.  Pace yourself.  Even some writing a day is better than none.  It’s 1667 words per day and if, like me, you work, it makes it tougher.  I do my best on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays when I work 9-5 but there’s no excuse for the other days.  Get a jump on as many words as you can because it allows for flaws in your perfect plan.

For example… how many migraines have I had in the last week?  My back has also been more painful.  Being ahead of the count lets you take time off where you might be best to take that break.

Those are my tips and you likely won’t find them in the 5,872.5 blog posts out there that have been written on the topic.  Maybe they would be… I don’t have time to read that many blog posts!