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I managed to hand write my epilogue last night and I typed it out this morning.  It was very exciting and I still managed to make it to work on time.

The biggest challenge will be to work my way through the first manuscript to find and fit in any major edits that I had done in the first draft.  I also did edits on the first 31 pages that I had printed out.  At some point on the weekend I want to print out the remaining pages that I added, poke holes in them, put them in a binder and then it can sit and wait until NaNoWriMo is done and I can return to the edits.

Perhaps I should get someone to read it once I have entered the edits… I’ll see!  I still don’t like sharing my work all that much before I am finished with all my edits.

Stage 1 edits are to add/subtract/multiply and divide… this means that through the edits on this draft things are taken out in large chunks and can be added in in equally large chunks.

Stage 2 edits are those that give it a read through and correct punctuation, grammar, etc.  Watch out for where you either added or missed quotation marks.

Of course I’m already on Stage I-don’t-know with Confessions in the Mural so at some point way down the road I will let you know how many it’s gone through to reach the goal.

Since I ended up helping my daughter with an hour and a half of homework I’m in even more pain than usual and I’m later than usual so even more tired.

I’m going to call it now and hopefully you will forgive me!