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That’s where my word count is at for Confessions in the Mural.  I have a fair chunk to actually paste out of the last version so that should take me across the finish line not only by a fair bit but also in a fairly short timeframe.

I spent most of the day not feeling so hot.  Turns out part of it was from a migraine that was hiding.  Unfortunately I don’t get auras ahead of my migraines.  What I do get is this incredible feeling of fatigue.  I’m just bowled over by it as though I’m standing outside in a tornado.

I guess I could say that my writing comes in those same waves.  I get swept away in it sometimes and other times, I have to force it.

Do those two ever meet up at any point?  Do we become better writers when we get that natural flow but then we have times when we have to force the words onto the page?

I felt that way this afternoon.  I identified the area because curiosity had me asking if it will be a section that will be cut or require an intense amount of editing.  I felt myself having to force my way through to bridge where I wanted to get to as I saw my word count and my pages go up.

And now I will take my leave, another short, but sweet post.  The fatigue, likely from enduring the pain for quite a bit of time, is revisiting this time but, perhaps, it’s related to the fact that it’s closing in on my bedtime.

I’m also baking cookies and really need to get back to the oven!