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It’s the end of two very long, stressful days at work.  I’m definitely feeling it… keeping my eyes open is the hardest part.  I’m not sure I’m going to make it through NCIS and Bull tonight.

The weather is very obviously undergoing a major change.  Maybe it’s the -5/feels like -10 forecasted for overnight or maybe it’s the rain forecasted for Thursday.  I don’t know but since about 6:00 I have been going downhill in the pain department too.

So I’m going to call it tonight.  IF I feel a little better in a little bit, perhaps I will write more but I think my weary mind might actually let me rest tonight so I think I’m going to take it up on its offer.

Despite my crunch to reach the end of Confessions before Halloween, I think it’s time to give this writer mind a bit of a break.  May you all do the same too!