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It’s a bad time of year for people with chronic pain.  My back already aches 24/7.  This time of year I often want to rip out my spine and throw it in front of a bus.  With the additional sitting I’m doing to write, it’s killing me!  Not the writing, the back pain!  I’m not standing up and moving as often as I should and one of the worst things for me to do is to sit and stand for extended periods of time.

On top of that, because I’m no spring chicken anymore, my hands start to ache when I’m spending too much time in front of the keyboard.  They are poised too long over they keyboard.  I have typed another sixteen pages this morning alone.  Soon the story will be ending.  I will be taking a break this afternoon though I might put pen to paper to continue on.

The countdown is on.  I have a week and a day to finish this!

It didn’t help that I fell under attack of the cat last night.  I had turned out the light and been petting him.  My migraine meds tend to cause other issues however so I got out of bed.  When I returned, he nudged my hand but I couldn’t find him so I gave up, arm out of the covers.  Next thing I know he’s pouncing on my arm, digging in the claws and I’m pulling my arm away in pain.

I turned on the light, swatted him twice before going to bandage things up.  I have five claw marks on my  arm, near my wrist.  One is where the wrist bends which has made typing a little uncomfortable.

Yes, that cute, adorable kitty who often hangs with mommy while she’s writing decided to go to war!  Of course he’s sucking up today.  Have no idea what got into him.

Anyway, nine days to NaNo!  Go sign up if you haven’t already!  We’ll create our own little network as I don’t go to the community write-ins, etc.  I don’t have time for that and for the distractions… nor do I have a laptop this year that is functioning well enough for me to take to an event like that.