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to write a long post…

The fatigue now comes from Wednesday staying awake later than I should have finishing a book–hey, in my defense, it was the longest epilogue ever written!!!

Last night, because I had gone all day without writing anything other than my blog post, I had to write!  I ended up handwriting four or five pages in my notebook carrying on the story from the point I was at.

The story has taken a more interesting turn now that I’m focusing more on rewriting than sticking with the old story… and moving it around.

I would recommend that to anyone who has tried it.  I usually manage to do this though on my edits.  Usually this isn’t a problem.

The last time I had this problem was trying to tell the story Til We Meet Again.  I was trying to tell that double storyline and I just wasn’t happy with it.  It took me multiple tries, walking away and then coming back to it to make it work.

This one has already been shelved, finished, rearranged and now I am doing huge rewrites and I haven’t even seen it on paper yet.

If there’s a story inside you that needs to get out, tell it.  I’m beginning to once again see that it’s worth it in the end.  Maybe my last two novels were easier to tell!

I wish you all a goodnight.  I’m taking my cold, tired and extremely painful self to bed!