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I have spent most of the day writing.  I added another 20 pages to my manuscript.  I got it all the way up to the reason why my forensics lab tech wanted to see my detective before I took a break for supper.  Upon my return to it, I couldn’t remember.  Should have made a note!  Or I should have taken the extra three minutes to tell it.

Maybe she didn’t need to see him.

I was so excited to get back home tonight and start writing again but I think the headache I have been dueling with most of the day is now winning.

So at page 137 I’m packing it in tonight.  I will go upstairs, I will take a migraine tab and I will try to get comfortable on the couch and turn on a movie I’ve seen a hundred times.  My back is really sore tonight too so doing anything and being comfortable is unheard of.

It didn’t help that my niece needed me to pick her up so she could see the top shelf of the fridge because she was thirsty.  It’s really hard to explain to a 3-year-old that you’re permanently broken.

That term opens up a different can of worms for me so I’m going to say I had a great day writing,  I now have a headache and I’m calling it!