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In the wee hours of Sunday morning it was the full moon.  It was the precursor to my return to the office on Monday and yet another loss for the Jays.  That led to an almost sleepless night… me waking at 3:50 a.m. and being awake until I literally passed out at 11 last night after a Jays win. But I felt good, not fatigued.

What makes us feel good and bad?  Why does it seem that there’s that one tiny little thing?  That one thing can set the mood for the rest of a day or the rest of a week or probably even a year.

Yesterday morning I had the office to myself.  I had intended on taking paper with me but forgot.  I wanted to print more pages for Confessions so I can start compiling the novel as I’m now at page 114.  I printed it anyway and I always double-side my manuscripts.  I have no idea what happened but everything came out so screwed up it took me 40 minutes this afternoon to sort it all out and get the pages numbered.  Basically it worked out so that stacked, the numbers run up then you have to turn the last page over and work backwards.  Oh, except it didn’t print page 112 at all…

So that contributed to my bad day today.  Yesterday, all I did was print it and carry on.  Today I got the bad news!  And, of course, the Jays lost.  They are done.  I won’t get any more baseball games until the Spring Training games, the few that air on TV.

Anyway, I wrote last week that I would put some pictures from my day trip to Goderich up and I didn’t so… here you go!

The water was that amazing blue that morning.  As you can see in the later pictures, the sun went in and so did the blue!  Goderich has a memorial (okay, it has two) for workers injured on the job and the purple flowers were from the garden there.  The other memorial is the LAV that was just parked there on October 1 (one of the reasons I wanted to get up there) in memory of the 162 lives lost and to recognize over 40,000 members of the Armed Forces that went to Afghanistan.  I did go down to the beach but, after the sun went in.  There were white caps and it was fun watching them come ashore.  Lastly, my mom has Holly in her garden!  I did not know this until I was walking back from the beach and saw the red berries.  It’s the leaves that really made me go “that looks like Holly and Ivy” and sure enough, it was!

So that was my road trip.  The first time I’ve ever been to the trailer entirely on my own without anyone around to bug me or pull me here and there.

And it probably explains a lot about why I want to move up there!