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As you all know, I was back at work today.  Oh yippee!!

You all know why I say that too.  It all came true.  I had prescription renewals to enter in.  I have a stack of referrals.  AT 9:11 I got a call from one of my most annoying patients who called for me not once, but twice, last week while I was out of the office and the s**t just kept piling up.

So I’m no further ahead now than I was this morning because a larger stack of renewals landed on my desk at 4:50 this afternoon.  I didn’t even touch the referrals… I don’t know how many there are nor do I know who they are for!

And… to add insult to injury… aside from this post, I have written nothing!! Not a single word.  How do I feel about that?


Considering the roll I was on, I feel like I’ve taken steps backwards.  How do I keep up the momentum?

It didn’t help that I ended up bringing home my co-workers computer tonight, took it to my parent’s and got my brother to help troubleshoot why it keeps crashing.  We couldn’t duplicate it.

Now the baseball game is set to begin so I will be watching that.  Yes, I might just sit with my notebook there and write a bit.  Even if it’s not in the manuscript at least it’s written… am I right?

Write no matter what!