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No, not the Jays.  They are running out of chances REALLY fast!

I’m talking about my writing… finally, in the final hours of my vacation.

I have been tackling Confessions still and making a bit more headway than I thought I ever would.  So, I’m taking it once chapter at a time right now.

Unfortunately, NaNoWriMo is fast approaching and if I don’t get all my ducks in a row for Confessions in the next 15 days, it will once more end up on the back burner waiting for attention.

I am also getting my former work republished.  I don’t know if I had mentioned it before but earlier this year when I started writing my memoir on fifteen years of writing I actually wrote “15 years later” blurbs for each of my nine novels.  Since some of the novels never made it into my 5 x 8″ formats (and some did but that’s nor here nor there) I am slowly changing them out.  Some I can’t because, and how stupid is this, Lulu no longer provides ISBNs for that format.  They have to be larger (6 x 9″) or smaller (the traditional pocketbook size which hasn’t been published in how many years?).  I’m not impressed by this because what it means is that if I want my books published with ISBNs I have to choose a size that I don’t like and that isn’t popular anymore.  I dropped the hardcovers because of price and I increased the size to the 5 x 8″ because pocketbooks were going by the wayside.  All the big authors were shifting to unusual sizes to attract attention.

I’m also working at publishing them all to Kindle which gives me an extra slot in the market.  It allows me to do the free giveaways and try to drive my numbers up.

So all-in-all the world of publishing still kind of sucks unless you are able to go traditional.  There’s always something, so it seems, for those of us who are trying to stick with the Indie route.  When I have time, and manage to write a novel that is not a sequel, I’m going to attempt to sell it.

Anyway, that’s the long way of announcing that I have just republished The Writing on the Wall for Kindle and the hard copy of Mystery in the Attic.  I will be doing a free giveaway for The Writing on the Wall in the next short while.  Maybe I’ll also start doing some giveaways on Goodreads for hard copies… but I’m going to see about that.

It has been a long, and disappointing (only where baseball is concerned) day so I’m going to go watch a movie and perhaps indulge in a glass of wine.